Sunday, August 1, 2010

Attack of the Malware

Today has been a nightmare! There were so many things that I wanted to write about on my blog today, but, I couldn't get on the net!

"Gee, why not?" you may ask. Do you wonder the reason? Didn't we pay our Internet provider bill? Or may-be there was a power outage, or Internet outage? Nope. May-be someone in my family needed to use the computer? Nope.

So, what happened?

Well, I turned on the computer, the same as usual, when all of a sudden a program popped up, outlined in bright red and warned "Your computer may be infected!! Do you want to launch your anti-virus?" And before I could do anything, an anti-virus program popped up and started scanning, telling me that my computer was being attacked by multiple threats, including bankerfox!

Did you notice that I didn't say that my anti-virus popped up and started scanning? That's because it wasn't my anti-virus that popped up, but a malware, that somehow had attached itself to my computer that had popped up. It's name was Antivir Solution Pro, and it had some pretty nasty intentions. The next thing I knew, a window for Viagra had opened up, and another window with the web address of WWW.ADULT.COM was trying to open.

Antivir Solution Pro warned me," Don't you want to launch your anti-virus. " I clicked "no," and these are the reasons why:

1. Antivir Solution Pro is not an antivirus program. The viruses that it claims are on my computer are either not viruses, not on my computer, or both.

2. The many adult sites opening on my computer was to scare me that I had a virus, a horrible virus, and to buy their virus fighting program. By doing this, they not only would have gotten my money, they would have gotten my credit card number, my security code for that number, my name, address and phone number.

This is where I went to get rid of the malware :
and it was completely free!

However, this has taken literally, my whole day. And I even bought a bogus program because it's name was so similar to the program I wanted to buy. I was stressed, my computer wasn't working, and the family, concerned, kept asking me what was happening now?

I'm proud to say, not one cuss word, not even a mild one crossed my lips today though. If you've read my past blogs, you know I've discussed this before. I wasn't even thinking any. But I was thinking of what punishment virus and malware programmers deserve.

And it ain't pretty!


katlupe said...

I had a problem with Malware being attached to my blog, Solar Baby. I could not get rid of it but Google kept telling people coming there that my site was putting Malware on their computers! I worked and worked and discovered it was a program that I was using to assist me with photos and info on my blogs. Got rid of it and the problem was gone.

Teri said...

I've had to take my computer in a couple of times because of Malware. Is it wrong that I wish the people who start these things could receive the death pentalty? (Kidding, well ~ sort of) :)

Sunny Day said...

Why is it that there is always someone who wants to spoil things? I understand about criminals who want to steal information, but people who just want to be mean - I just don't understand them.

Mary Bennett said...

I think anyone who does malware, virus etc, should have to do community service of removing the programs, for free.


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