Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where to begin?

So, my last post was in January. You may be wondering about my resolution to blog more often? Well, unknown to me, in January I was a pretty sick woman and February was the month that I started to pay the piper.
The piper happened to be the big C, cancer. I've only been home now six weeks, the last months have been filled with operations and days that I can't remember for myself , relying instead on what the nurses, doctors, and my husband tell me.
I had to learn how to walk again, which was a real adventure. I wondered if I would ever walk again, or would I be relegated to a wheel chair for the rest of my days? There is quite a science to learning how to walk. First, you have to be able to stand erect - quite a feat in itself. Once you are able to do that, then you need to coordinate your movements.
"Squeeze your butt cheeks together!"
" Tighten your left knee joint. Lock it!"
" Move your right leg forward!"
"Tighten your right knee!"
"Move your left leg forward!"
"Keep your butt cheeks tight!"
Honestly, if babies knew before they learned how to walk, how hard it is to learn, they wouldn't learn how to walk for free! No, they'd clean up. They could start a nice little nest egg, and parent's tired of lugging around increasingly heavy babies would pay it!

Baby: So, what you bringing to the table Pops?

Pops: Why should I bring anything? Babies have been learning to walk for free for centuries!

Baby: Is that so? Well I'll tell you, we're wise to you now. We're looking out for our futures, saving for retirement, see? After all, Social Security will probably be gone by the time I'm in my sixties. It's nothing personal Pops. Purely business.

Pops: Well I'm not paying. Forget it!

Baby: Is that so? You'll pay Pops, and the tab will be higher. You want to know why? Well it's like this, Ma is getting tired of lugging me around, so you'll pay because she'll force you to. Or you'll pay because lugging me around will become you're responsibility. I'm not getting any lighter Pops, and it's your back fella.

Pops: (Gulps) Okay, okay. What is the going price?

Anyway, I'm now among the walking and have just recently conquered the twelve stairs in our house.
So that is the quick update, and this blog has just begun again.


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