Friday, June 17, 2011

Why do we care so much about Caylee Anthony?

The trial of Casey Anthony has been going on for a good long while now, to say nothing of her trial in social media, which has been going on ever since a month passed with little Caylee being missing, but not reported.

It's a sad thing to comment, but this isn't the most horrific child murder to be reported. So, why do we care so much?

I don't know why others care. I can't speak for them, but for me, I think it's the very idea of a two year old being missing for a month, and not being reported. I think it's all the lies that Casey made up to cover up Caylee being missing. Caylee's grandparents seem to love her, but they can't overcome their loyalty to Casey to demand the hard answers.

It felt to me like Caylee needed an advocate.

This trial feels like a big disappointment to me. May-be I don't understand it and it is the trial of Casey Anthony, Caylee's name isn't even mentioned. And that feels wrong.

Like Caylee doesn't matter, again. She's missing even in her mother's trial.

I'd like to know, did Caylee really drown in the family pool? Then why was there duct tape wrapped around her mouth and nose?

Never mind the obvious question of why didn't George Anthony, a former police officer, perform CPR? Or call 911?

I just want to ask Casey those questions. Why did you wrap duct tape over your daughter's mouth and nose? And if you didn't, if Caylee really did drown in the pool and you couldn't give her a respectful burial, why didn't you prevent her body from being dumped in a garbage strewn lot?

But mostly, I want to know, why was duct tape involved at all with the mouth and nose of a little two year old girl?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Terminated by Amazon

I don't usually pay too much attention to what my state government does. Mostly because I feel so powerless to be heard. But the email that was waiting for me Friday morning from Amazon was a surprise. It informed me that because of a tax law that my state had just voted in, Amazon was terminating me as an Affiliate. I've been an Amazon affiliate for years, and I've never made a penny at it, so the termination really isn't a loss to me at all. But I'm still upset. It feels like freedom has been eroded a little bit more.

You really have to check out I think it's a really good idea. The majority of people that I talk to aren't over awed by the idea. They like their coffee nearly scalding hot, I don't. I'm always the last person to finish their hot drink, and usually I'm carrying around my cup for a good half hour or so after ordering it. To have my tea at a drinkable temperature sooner, and for a longer amount of time sounds good to me!


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