Friday, June 10, 2011

Terminated by Amazon

I don't usually pay too much attention to what my state government does. Mostly because I feel so powerless to be heard. But the email that was waiting for me Friday morning from Amazon was a surprise. It informed me that because of a tax law that my state had just voted in, Amazon was terminating me as an Affiliate. I've been an Amazon affiliate for years, and I've never made a penny at it, so the termination really isn't a loss to me at all. But I'm still upset. It feels like freedom has been eroded a little bit more.

You really have to check out I think it's a really good idea. The majority of people that I talk to aren't over awed by the idea. They like their coffee nearly scalding hot, I don't. I'm always the last person to finish their hot drink, and usually I'm carrying around my cup for a good half hour or so after ordering it. To have my tea at a drinkable temperature sooner, and for a longer amount of time sounds good to me!

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