Thursday, September 11, 2008

Todays Lunch

I know my blog has been concentrating mainly on a low carb, high protein diet that is good for people that have a problem retaining a steady blood glucose level. But our whole family doesn't need to be as vigilant.
So here is a fun menu for kids. I personally can not stand this wrap, but all the youngers I have ever met, LOVE it.

Ingredients list:

Multi grain wrap (or white tortilla)
low fat cream cheese
dill pickle spear
sliced roasted turkey cold cut


1. spread the wrap with cream cheese (don't use a heavy hand, and don't skimp either.

2. lay the turkey on top of the cream cheese.

3. put the pickle spear at the edge of the wrap. Fold the top and bottom edges over the ends of the pickle, then roll. Secure with a BRIGHTLY colored toothpick , and instruct the child to remove the toothpick before eating the wrap.

Obviously, don't use a toothpick on this if you have any doubts that the child will remember to remove the toothpick before eating the wrap.

Snack today is 12 Frito Scoops, and a few thickly sliced cheese (use a firmish cheese like cheddar, mozzarella etc) rectangles to dip into a small Tupperware container of mild salsa. As a bonus, the sandwich wrap can be dipped into any leftover salsa from snack time.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

We did my son a favor

and am deeply regretting it!
As a surprise to him, we bought new wall to wall carpeting for his room. The surprise ended up being to us.
After profound and grateful thanks, we all turned in for the night. The next day, I didn't see my son until late in the day. He was suffering from a horrible headache. Thinking that the headache was caused by low blood sugar, I cooked him an egg and sausage for a big boost of protein. Instead of making him feel better, he felt sick to his stomach. Finally, after lounging on my couch, he felt a little better, and went for a walk around the neighborhood. After the walk, he decided to lay down on his bed to rest.
The next day, he woke up even later. He'd been trying to do some school work the night before, but found that he had a slight headache and couldn't concentrate. He came upstairs, made a pot of coffee, watched some late night TV and feeling better, went back to his room to do schoolwork. After a few hours, the headache returned, so he called it a night and went to bed. This second day since installing the carpet, was his second day of waking up with a headache. I offered to make him breakfast but refused because his stomach felt nauseous.
He hung around upstairs for a few hours and then felt well enough to eat some leftovers and bike to the library. When he returned home he ate a good dinner, and goaded by me, went to his room to do his by now, long neglected homework.
The next day, my son had the flu. He sneezed a lot. His nose was runny and then stuffy. His throat ached. I sent him back to bed with the promise of chicken broth and my vigilant "My kid's sick" mommy care. It was when I went into his room, that I realized what was happening.
His room had an awful, chemically smell. We opened the windows and set two fans to blow air over the carpet and out the window. That night, we closed the windows. When he was ready to retire for the night, his room once again had an overpowering chemically smell. That night, and every night since, my son has slept on the couch.
We began a morning routine of opening the windows in his room and turning on both fans - one to blow the room air out of the house, and another to blow fresh air into the room.
I began to investigate on the Internet and came up with this information:

1. If a carpet is made from artificial fibers, air the carpet for a few days before installing.

2. Have all windows open and fans blowing after the installation. Do this until the chemical smell is gone. Apparently anywhere from 2 days to a few weeks.

3. To make the chemical off - gas more quickly, close all the ventilation and turn the room's temperature up to about 80 degrees for two days. Then turn off the heat and ventilate with open windows and fans. Nobody and no living thing should be in that room for any of that time.

4. Get an ion air purifier.

5. Get a HEPA filter.

6. Get at least 18 green plants.

It has been almost a week now since the carpet was installed, and my son is still sleeping in my livingroom. The fumes in his room are very noticeable. It looks like our house guests next week will not be bunking with my son, which puts a knot in my plans.
So what have I learned? Next time we buy carpet, let the carpet air out at least a week before installing. Or better yet, just buy a natural fiber rug.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Best laid plans

So we enjoyed a nice long weekend, and woke up late today! Yikes!! Talk about getting the adrenal going!!
Luckily the night before I had taken a Tyson Breaded Chicken Breast Patty (12 grams) and pan fried it to make the breading crispy and packed that away in a tupperware. I also put in three pieces of cooked crispy Turkey bacon. Phew!!
We had time to put in a boiled egg ( I pre boil a few of those at a time so they are always some available) and a SouthBeach bar.
I didn't have time to count out any nuts, crackers, chips or pretzels. I really felt awful about that and worried if dh would have enough things to keep his blood sugar level even through out the day.
He did fine, but it just goes to show that no matter how many years you have been doing a routine, you can still blow it. The lesson here is to not only buy enough Tupperware midgets and snack cups, but to also pack them at the beginning of the week. Which, I didn't do. I was to preoccupied with the Labor Day weekend!
Tomorrow, dh will go to work with a cooked hamburger patty that has a teaspoon of catsup on it. Putting the catsup on the hamburger instead of the roll will keep the roll from getting soggy. From experience we've learned that packing catsup isn't worthwhile because it's near impossible to pour it out. If you bring a plastic knife , you can scrape it out. He will bring a low carb roll with him.
We used to buy the all in one salads, but they are expensive and go brown pretty quickly. What we do know is buy a head of lettuce, and I wash and spin that in my Tupperware salad spinner, which works really well I might add. We peel and slice cucumbers and put that into one of the small Tupperware containers. Then each day, dh can add a few pieces of cucumber to his salad container, We do this with peppers, carrots and celery also. I would not peel an onion and put it into one of the snack cups. I find it better to put onions into one of the Tupperware refrigerator Keepers. I use it just for onions.

Dh isn't into the veggie chips at present, so his snack will be pepperoni slices and a boiled egg. I'm also planning on making him some sugar free jello. The extra servings will be stored in snack cups, and Ill probably have one tomorrow myself. They taste very good! This is a good snack, but doesn't give protein (1 gram actually), so keep that in mind.

In his water bottle , we usually put 4C diet ice tea. When he finishes drinking that, he fills it with water at work.

So, that is the plan for tomorrow.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Back to work

So what is my husband packing for lunch tomorrow?

He'll start the day with his usual, one sausage and one full egg. He eats this very early in the morning, which is why he will pack an extra snack from what you might pack.

When we pick snacks, we try to keep the carb count as close to or under 12 carbs. So if the package says 1 serving is 20 carbs, you can cut the serving in half for 10 carbs.

This is where the Tupperware snack cups come in handy. They pack a volume of one cup, and are wide instead of high, so they don't take as much room in a lunch bag.

The lunch bag Nate uses is insulated and has two zippered sections. We use one of those re freezable ice packs to keep things cold.

Into the lunch bag goes

1. a boiled egg - just in case he feels the need for quick protein. I know this goes against everything that we're told by doctors etc, but dh's cholesterol level is fine.

2. a South Beach Oatmeal and Raisin bar - they have a lower carb count than the more delicious Peanut butter ones.

3. Twelve (count them, don't estimate) roasted almonds. They can not be honey roasted. Try to get them unsalted.

4. Lettuce salad with Tyson pre-cooked chicken strips. Not breaded. A separate midge Tupperware to hold 2 tbs of low carb salad dressing. (Nate esp likes Wishbone House Italian , 3 carbs for 2 tbs.)

5. 16 slices of Corando pepperoni

This blog is not a substitute for professional medical advice or a medical exam. Always seek the advice of your physician.


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