Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Best laid plans

So we enjoyed a nice long weekend, and woke up late today! Yikes!! Talk about getting the adrenal going!!
Luckily the night before I had taken a Tyson Breaded Chicken Breast Patty (12 grams) and pan fried it to make the breading crispy and packed that away in a tupperware. I also put in three pieces of cooked crispy Turkey bacon. Phew!!
We had time to put in a boiled egg ( I pre boil a few of those at a time so they are always some available) and a SouthBeach bar.
I didn't have time to count out any nuts, crackers, chips or pretzels. I really felt awful about that and worried if dh would have enough things to keep his blood sugar level even through out the day.
He did fine, but it just goes to show that no matter how many years you have been doing a routine, you can still blow it. The lesson here is to not only buy enough Tupperware midgets and snack cups, but to also pack them at the beginning of the week. Which, I didn't do. I was to preoccupied with the Labor Day weekend!
Tomorrow, dh will go to work with a cooked hamburger patty that has a teaspoon of catsup on it. Putting the catsup on the hamburger instead of the roll will keep the roll from getting soggy. From experience we've learned that packing catsup isn't worthwhile because it's near impossible to pour it out. If you bring a plastic knife , you can scrape it out. He will bring a low carb roll with him.
We used to buy the all in one salads, but they are expensive and go brown pretty quickly. What we do know is buy a head of lettuce, and I wash and spin that in my Tupperware salad spinner, which works really well I might add. We peel and slice cucumbers and put that into one of the small Tupperware containers. Then each day, dh can add a few pieces of cucumber to his salad container, We do this with peppers, carrots and celery also. I would not peel an onion and put it into one of the snack cups. I find it better to put onions into one of the Tupperware refrigerator Keepers. I use it just for onions.

Dh isn't into the veggie chips at present, so his snack will be pepperoni slices and a boiled egg. I'm also planning on making him some sugar free jello. The extra servings will be stored in snack cups, and Ill probably have one tomorrow myself. They taste very good! This is a good snack, but doesn't give protein (1 gram actually), so keep that in mind.

In his water bottle , we usually put 4C diet ice tea. When he finishes drinking that, he fills it with water at work.

So, that is the plan for tomorrow.

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