Monday, August 1, 2011

One Hot Summer

I can't believe how hot this summer has been! Is it my imagination, or has it been one of our hottest and driest summer in a while?

It's been a great year for my growing vegetables in containers though. I don't have a real front porch, I have what is called a stoop, barely enough room for two people to stand on it at any one time. But I have paste tomatoes growing in one pot, an oriental egg plant growing next to it and a pumpkin plant in the corner sharing it's pot with a cucumber. Then I have an heirloom pink tomato plant growing, an heirloom Russian Back tomato next to that and a bunch of zucchini that I hope will slow down on the flowering and start producing some zucchini! I'm not holding out a lot of hope on the pumpkins either, since they are still flowering and I see precious few pumpkins starting - I think two.

And yet, no matter how hot or dry, I am not looking forward to winter.


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