Thursday, September 11, 2008

Todays Lunch

I know my blog has been concentrating mainly on a low carb, high protein diet that is good for people that have a problem retaining a steady blood glucose level. But our whole family doesn't need to be as vigilant.
So here is a fun menu for kids. I personally can not stand this wrap, but all the youngers I have ever met, LOVE it.

Ingredients list:

Multi grain wrap (or white tortilla)
low fat cream cheese
dill pickle spear
sliced roasted turkey cold cut


1. spread the wrap with cream cheese (don't use a heavy hand, and don't skimp either.

2. lay the turkey on top of the cream cheese.

3. put the pickle spear at the edge of the wrap. Fold the top and bottom edges over the ends of the pickle, then roll. Secure with a BRIGHTLY colored toothpick , and instruct the child to remove the toothpick before eating the wrap.

Obviously, don't use a toothpick on this if you have any doubts that the child will remember to remove the toothpick before eating the wrap.

Snack today is 12 Frito Scoops, and a few thickly sliced cheese (use a firmish cheese like cheddar, mozzarella etc) rectangles to dip into a small Tupperware container of mild salsa. As a bonus, the sandwich wrap can be dipped into any leftover salsa from snack time.

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