Monday, November 30, 2009


I started Twilight a little late in the day you might say, considering that everyone else has either read all the books, at least the next book, and seen both movies.
Better late than never , I always say.
While Twilight is not a literary genius of a book, it is a very easy to read, fast moving book.
The rest of this blog is for people who have already read the book.
I have to admit, the book kept me on the edge of my seat, mainly because I didn't trust the majority of what the author was telling me.
Would Edward break down, and decide that Bella made a quick n easy snack?
And when Edward took Bella to meet his family, I kept wondering if the family was going to give up their 'vegetarian' ways and have Bella for dinner?
When Alice and Emmet escaped with Bella to Phoenix, I kept wondering if Bella would survive the trip, and then wondering if she would survive staying in a hotel room with them?
I still don't trust Rosalie, and expect her to be in conflict with Bella in the next book or the third book at the very latest. Will she be? I don't know anything about the books that follow, so I don't know.
I'd be interested to hear about your reading experience and thoughts on Twilight.

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