Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hold On!

Like the rest of America, or at least a good portion of it, I was surprised and a little angered when the verdict first came in declaring that Casey Anthony was acquitted in the murder of her daughter Caylee.
What were the jurors thinking? I wondered and a lot of people even thought that they weren't thinking, at all. In the intervening days I have come to accept that a jury found Casey Anthony innocent, or at least not enough evidence to find her guilty. Casey will be a free woman soon.
It's a hard pill to swallow, but it comes down to this, do we have an American justice system, or do we want one like other countries that find a person's guilt or innocence to the whim of the majority?
Do we want a vigilante group?
Casey has been found innocent and should be able to live her life as a free woman, without having to be afraid.

Now it's in the news that not only has Casey Anthony received death threats, but so have her parents. I will point out they were also Caylee's doting grandparents. If you watched the trial at all, you heard George Anthony being accused of absolutely disgusting and vile things. He never lost his composure, until talking about his beloved granddaughter Caylee, and that is when he broke down in tears.

Cindy lied under oath about her searching chloroform and chlorophyll to protect her daughter Casey, but it was when remembering her granddaughter Caylee that Cindy lost her composure.
These people are suffering. They have lost their granddaughter to death and who knows if they haven't lost their daughter also, after the vile accusations of this trial.

Do they really deserve to be getting death threats? Should the public be angry at them for Caylee's death?

No. I'd also like to ask, who are we the public to Caylee? What right do we have to sink into mob outrage and threaten an acquitted woman? What right do we have to make a family, and especially bereaved grandparents, who have suffered without end, since Caylee first went missing three years ago? Does it help Caylee get justice?

No. I would bet that Caylee would be upset that anyone would be making her grandparents suffer even more than they already are.

Instead of death threats, how about bringing them over a casserole, flowers or a gift certificate to a restaurant? Instead of dropping off stuffed animals that Caylee will never play with, to a soggy, snake infested wooded lot, why not donate them to a shelter in Caylee's name and send a notice of the donation to Caylee's grandparents.

Why not start a school scholarship in Caylee's name, at the school that her grandfather will never walk her to and that she will never attend.

Has anyone thought of just sending the George and Cindy Anthony a card that says simply, "I'm sorry for your loss?"

In other words, take this enormous energy, negative energy and use it to do enormous good, all in Caylee's memory.

There was a trial, and there was no conviction. And that is the way it is. Handle it by realizing justice isn't always served. Or handle it by realizing that there might be things about the trial that we the public don't know. Or handle it by repeating the mantra "what goes around, comes around." Or rest in the knowledge that we all must face God, and there is no defense lawyers, inadmissible evidence, sidebars or juries there.

America, we have got to let it go and get back to our everyday lives.


Ila said...

I had to agree with the jury, there just wasn't any evidence. I think the media tried her and we went right along with it.

We may not think she was a good mother, but if everyone who is not a good parent were tried, what would happen to the children. Child neglect should have been brought before Kaylee died not after when it wouldn't do her any good.

Anonymous said...

I think that was very well said Mary. Let go of the negat-vity...

PJ said...

I totally agree with you Mary. People need to stop taking the law into their own hands and remember, "Vengeance is mine", saith the Lord. I truly believe we reap what we sow, or in laypersons terms, what goes around comes around. (that is my motto) and I have seen it come to pass many times, with out malice or revenge having any part.

God Bless,
P.S. I am now following you on Blog Frog and your blog.

Tony Christian said...

Good thoughts Mary. Thanks for posting this.
While it is a shame when on occasion a person that is guilty(not judging the case at hand,Casey, mind you)slides through our system, the high standard of proof the state has for conviction in criminal cases is a indispensable protection TO US ALL, because without that standard, governments could have a field day with our liberties.
If she's truly guilty she'll get her comeuppance.


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