Thursday, August 21, 2008

A new endeavor

I'm planning on starting to sell Tupperware within the next few weeks. Why you ask? Well, this decision has been while coming.
In the past, I've sold Avon (which enjoyed) and Watkins (which I left when they started selling their product in WalMart, and I refuse to buy now.)
What has bought me to the decision to start selling Tupperware, is the Green movement. Huh?
In our town in Connecticut, we have mandatory recycling. Although that might sound bossy at first reading, I welcome it.
No longer is it nagging old Mary that insists on recycling, it is our local government that must be obeyed!
Truthfully, our garbage is pretty minimal these days. We buy precious little prepared food and we do a lot of cooking from scratch.
But here is when I started to think about Tupperware - my husband was diagnosed as diabetic. When you are diabetic, you need to eat every three hours to keep your blood sugar even. Grabbing a donut, or a cup of coffee won't suffice. The snack needs to be a protein or low carbohydrate one.
Think about it, everyone should have such a snack every three hours instead of the usual cup of coffee, donut or candy bar that Americans have started to depend on.
Implementing this course of action is nearly impossible though. Go through your usual food store and try to find a snack that is 200 calories or less, 15 carbs or less, tastes good and won't send you to the poor house buying it?
The choices are few , all of them are expensive over the long term, and none of them could be considered a natural or fresh food.
My friend Lynne has been my Tupperware consultant for years and she sends me the Tupperware flyer every now and then. So now, with my husband and portion control in mind, I peruse the Tupperware flyer for their sturdy containers , in the size that I need, usually a cup or less.
Now my husband brings to work everyday what I call his "food kit." It was very easy to put together, is flexible, and best of all, is reusable. We bought the insulated box and containers once, and have been reusing them for over a year now. All that is thrown away per day, on average is a plastic sandwich bag, sometimes not even that much.
The best news is that my husband's diabetes is under control, with very little effort from us.
I hope you will check back often as I blog more.

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