Friday, January 8, 2010

King Corn

Have you ever watched a movie, and when it's over feel totally overwhelmed? Well that is what happened to me when I saw the documentary King Corn on instant view courtesy of NetFlix.
First, let me ask you, how much corn have you eaten so far today? Corn muffin? Corn bread? Corn grain cereal? No?
Okay, that isn't so unusual, neither have I. Have you drank any pop/soda today? Commercially made Iced Tea or Lemonade? Bread? Jarred spaghetti sauce? Peanut butter? Check the label, many will have high fructose corn syrup in them. I even found high fructose corn syrup in what I thought was a healthy choice, a can of red kidney beans. Unbelievable!
So you haven't eaten those things, and you don't fry your foods in corn oil, so you are safe, right? Do you eat beef? Because unless you are consuming grass fed only beef, you are getting exclusively corn fed beef. Even chickens (although not laying hens, they have a different feed) eat corn. What is the problem though? Isn't corn good for you?
Yes and no, it depends on the type of corn. If you are picking the type of corn to grow for your own consumption, corn can be good for you. Do your research, some corns have a high protein content. Even if you don't choose to grow your own corn, buying corn from your local farm stand probably has good corn, although I wouldn't count on a protein rich grain.... unless may-be you met the farm stand owner now, before orders go in for seed, and particularly ask him to grow a protein rich corn.
There is soo much more to this documentary than my short blog post can possibly cover, that I really urge you to watch the documentary "King Corn" and ask your friends to watch it too. As one of the people on the documentary said "Americans get exactly what they want.", so start asking for better quality corn. Start asking for grass fed beef. Be informed.


Cynthia1770 said...

My google alert for HFCS picked up
your post.
HFCS is in just about everything.
It's even in cough syrup.
Try for an extensive list of HFCS-free foods and beverages.
To your health

Lisa said...

We have "Corn King" on our instant view queue -- and have been warned that when we watch it, we'll want to change everything about our diet. I believe it. We already are leery about almost anything we buy from the conventional grocery store. Have you read up on soy? Also bad stuff -- but it's in EVERYTHING. It's hard to know how to eat because nothing is in its pure form anymore. It gets ridiculous. For instance, because I'm sensitive to soy, I can't eat commmercially produced eggs because the chickens are fed so much soy. Doesn't leave much to eat when you take out soy, eggs, and corn. =sigh= (I wonder why I'm not skinnier?)

Mary Bennett said...

Thanks Cynthia and Lisa for your comments. Yes soy is an ever growing problem also. We just found out that the yoghurt we buy as a treat has soy among the ingredients. Why? Because the protein is a selling point although I feel it's more a case of follow the money. Soy is every where food, plastic and car fuel. A many headed hydra.


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