Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Borrowers

Every once in a while someone will recommend to me a children's book. I just finished reading Heather Graham's book "Seance" so I thought, why not read it now? I have no idea of how, but 'The Borrowers' was already on my bookshelf.
It's a cute little book, but I really don't recommend it as an adult read, like say the Mary Poppins series or the Alice in Wonderland series. However, it would be a great book to read to the ten and under set before bedtime. I can pretty well guarantee that they will love it.


gena said...

LOVED that book as a kid and so did my boys ! The movies were adorable as well... fun, fun, fun !

thinking of you tomorrow....


Hi Mary, thanks for your book recommendation. I'll be sure and pass the information on to my grandchildren and their parents :-)

Take care and have a great week


Anonymous said...

Such a brilliant book! The BBC did a TV adaption that I would highly recommend too :D


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