Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Page From My Daybook, November

Today is - . rainy and drizzly. It was so dark out that my day slipped away. I was surprised when I looked at the clock and it was already 2 PM

I am thinking about - all my family that have left this world in Novembers passed; both my grandfathers, my great grandmother and one of my favorite Aunts. I am astounded to think that both my grandfather, and his mother, which is my great grandmother, died on the same day, 80 years apart! On that day a niece and nephew were born. It is just coincidence, but sometimes it feels like a message with a secret!

I am thank full - I am thank full that I was able to take a trip to Long Island this week and visit my parents and my oldest sons. I am thankful that we were all able to get together, despite schedules. I am grateful that my father was able to make us his delicious pineapple upside down cake. I am concerned because he looks so much smaller and thinner than when I saw him a year ago.

I am looking forward to - spring! I have had it with the cold, and it isn't even winter yet! I am looking forward to trying my hand at growing a pumpkin again. And trying to grow tomatoes and peppers. Maybe the summer of 2012 we will be left alone, and I can be burdened with "too many zucchini" like everyone else!

I dream of - the day when everyone in my family is settled into a career that they love that provides a living wage and benefits. Including me!!

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Sherri said...

i love the daybook posts... it gives a small glimpse into the life that we normally don't think about...


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