Thursday, November 3, 2011

We're worried about 72 days

So it's official, Kim Kardashian's marriage is over after 72 days. Not only is it a personal tragedy, apparently it is a tragedy to all the fans that watch, that invest themselves, into the Kardashian reality show.
C'mon people, get a life!!!!
You know what divorces worry me? The divorce of a couple that has been married 30 or more years. It's pretty easy to figure why a 72 day marriage didn't work out, but why did a marriage of 35 years break up?
Was it because the marriage only stayed together for the sake of the children, even when they became young adults?
Was it because of the selfishness of one or both spouses going through a mid-life crisis?
Or did the marriage breaking up have a message or advice that those of us in intact marriages could learn from?
The breaking up of long term marriages is what gets my attention.

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