Thursday, June 24, 2010

My new car, part 3

"Okay, let's not think about what kind of car you want, let's think about what you want the car to have." my husband says patiently.

"Okay." I agree. Finally, I'm getting it, this conversation isn't going away, I might as well be good and get it over with. "I want it to have four wheel drive when I need it, like my mini-van has now."

I start seriously thinking. "I'll be older then, probably much older," I add so he realizes I'm not looking for this new car to show up any time soon. "So I want it to have the back up beeps to warn everyone that I'm backing up. Oh! And I want it to have those big mirrors that show when someone is sneaking up on your left side when you're trying to merge. Stupid jerks." I add for good measure. "I hate people who do that."

"Oh, and I want that thing that automatically parallel parks for you." I'm warming up to the subject now. This is actually kind of fun. Any other husband would wonder at the monster he'd created, but not mine. He's enjoying the ride.

"And air conditioning and heat, with the different zones like my mini-van has now. Oh, and a tv/dvd player." After all, if Nate is waiting in the car for me, he shouldn't be bored. "Oh, and an electric socket so we can bring along a coffee pot, we'd save so much money if we didn't have to buy it from the Quick Mart."

Hmmm, after all that coffee .... "And a private toilet, for after all that coffee. May-be a back seat that folds into a couch, for when we get stuck in traffic, we could pull off and just relax."

"It sounds to me like you want a traveling living room." My husband muses.

And then it became obvious to both of us, my next vehicle will be a RV!


Lily said...

Funny post, I love the way you write. Great idea, btw! We both know someone who has a van with all those features, you ought to ask her about it sometime, maybe she'd send pics for you to see!! I'm telling you, it is lovely.

Moderate Means said...

With an RV, you don't have to worry about the people on your left because you can just smoosh them if they get in your way ;)


Moderate Means said...

Oh, and I tried to follow you on twitter but the link said the page doesn't exist. Just FYI :)

Style Attic said...

That is a scream! How true though. I've thought so many times running around town, with my house neglected "Why do we have homes? I just need to live in a mobile home since we practically live at school, church and practice!!" Thanks for the laugh :)

sherri said...

I live in an RV! And I absolutely love it! My grandbabies call it a "driving home".... We can pack up and go anywhere we want, just about any time we want. It really conforms to my gypsy soul...and because my hubby is a football coach, it gives him the freedom to move around with his coaching staff....

Carolyn Watson-Dubisch said...

I love that commercial with the car that parks itself! Though I think it'd be strange to have that feature.

Mary Bennett said...

Dear Lily, Thank-you for your comment. It makes my heart happy! :) Who has the van? I'll have to ask them for pictures.

Mary Bennett said...

I like the way you think!! No more worries about merging! LOL!!!

Mary Bennett said...

I've tried to fix my Twitter, but I'm not sure.
I'm Momsince1980 if you'd like to follow me.

Mary Bennett said...

Dear Style Attic,

I'm glad that you like my post! Many is the time that I wonder why we are paying a mortgage for a house that is often used for sleeping and returning to, but not a whole lot of living.

The RV is seeming a better and better idea!!

Mary Bennett said...

You have internet in your RV? That is a definate selling point, because I love my net! ~smile~ How long have you lived in your RV? I'd love to see pictures sometime?
Mary Bennett

Mary Bennett said...

Dear Carolyn,

It does seem like it might be a little strange, but the idea of not having to worry about parallel park, ah!!!!! I wonder though, if the car malfunctions and hits the car, does the manufacturer get the bill, or the car owner?

Kim said...

I LOVE this post!!! The gypsy in me desperately wants to live in a motorhome, so I completely understand! :D


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