Monday, June 28, 2010


So my blog friends, I thought you might like an update? When last we met over my recyclables, I was almost literally covered by them. The recyclables truck was supposed to come and pick them up that Thursday, but never did.

Problem solved! I finally got the right phone number, to call the right office, and as long as I call by the day before our pick up day, our recyclables will be picked up every week. Yes! Triumph!

Also, I had told everyone that if they wanted to ease up on using plastic shopping bags, cloth shopping bags are available at different super markets at very low price, usually between 50 cents to two dollars.

Problem: Make sure you check where the handles attach to the bag. Believe it or not, the non-insulated, WalMart bags handles are not sewn onto the bag, but glued!
Yes, glued! How did we find out? When dh picked up the bag of groceries and the handle pulled off. Thankfully nothing got broken. So, if you buy shopping bags, make sure the handles are attached securely, either by rivet or by being sewn. If you are the handy type, you could probably sew the handles onto the bag yourself. And remember, do NOT overload the bags. Just because they can pack a lot, doesn't mean they should.


Lily said...

I saw a post recently about using plastic bags to make cool designs on kid's clothing. Where did I see that post? I'll have to think on that one and get back to you. It was about using the plastic material to make iron ons. Talk about a great way to recycle!!

Sunny Day said...

Yesterday Robin Mead had a section on reusable shopping bags. Seems that they need to be washed between uses because of putting raw meat, etc. in them. I never thought about that.

Mary Bennett said...

It only makes sense to wash them. Did you also know that you should wash your pocketbook every few weeks. If you can't do that, you need to wipe down the whole outside and especially around seams and piping with alchol wipes.


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