Thursday, May 10, 2012

Living on a Dime

   As long time readers know, this blog likes the themes of  re-use, recycle, and frugality so you can imagine how thrilled I was to find the blog Living on a Dime !  The main theme is frugality, and after spending literally hours on the site, I find that I agree with most of the advice and ideas.  The site is written by a mother - daughter team that have experienced hard times and generously share what they have learned to get through them.  Through it all, you will not find one ounce of self pity.

    The duo has written a few books, available as hard copy books, or as e-books including a housekeeping-recipe book and a grocery shopping book, but unlike other sites that I have encountered, the ladies don't hoard all the advice in their books and use their site as a come on to buy their books.  The site has advice columns, recipe sharing, ideas on how to save money from the family finances and even house keeping tips.

    The ladies were asked, what is the best way for the family living paycheck to paycheck to start saving money?  The answer was the same as the advice that I've been giving: stop eating out!  Have an idea of what supper is going to be that morning, or if you can make a weekly menu, know even a week or more beforehand.  Have suppers waiting in the freezer for nights that you are too tired or home to late to cook supper.  Remember my advice of making a double sized dinner a few nights a week, serving one and freezing the other?  At an average of spending $50 or more for a family of four to get a fast food dinner, imagine your savings!

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