Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Poor Garden!

      Way back when the weather was cold, the days were dark and the ground was brown and cold, getting seed catalogues gave me a feeling of hope. 
       One day, the ground would be warm and green, the skies would be blue and the sun would shine warmly on the earth.  And by gum! If I wanted a garden come summer, I'd better pick the right seeds now!
     So I did.  I picked a packet of indeterminate, old fashioned tomatoes that would mature in colors of red, pink and green.  I picked gourds that I could make into birdhouses later.  I got a precious packet of about 8 seeds for large pumpkins.  They aren't the huge ones that you see winning weight contests, but about as big or a little bigger than the first pumpkin that I ever grew in my life, which was in last years garden, and pictured on some of my blog posts.  I bought green beans and they sent me a bonus packet of vine peaches, which I never heard of before, and a type of tomato that grows on 10 ft high stalks.
      In April, I put some of the seeds in a special doo dad that you can buy for the Aero Grow.  Some grew weakly, some didn't grow at all and some grew quite well.  But I'm thinking, maybe I planted them a little too soon, because the tomatoes became leggy despite pinching them and the stems are none too thick.
      So now we are in the first week of May, and I've transplanted them.  They are not looking too great.  I didn't take pictures, but just imagine a bunch of leggy, limp plants.
      For all my planning,  I might be actually buying tomato plants at Lowes this year.


Ila East said...

It's always a gamble when you plant seeds early. We are fortunate that our back porch is on the southside of the house and is solid halfway up and screened the rest of the way. Hubby puts plastic on the top half in the winter so we have a mini-greenhouse.

We don't have a large garden because it would cost so much to water it. I envy people who can grown their own veggies.

Mary Bennett said...

It looks like I didn't win this gamble!! After days of rain, and then sunshine today, my plants are a puny, sad mess!! -sigh!-

ryannfaithsmon said...

Aunt Mary your responses make me laugh.


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