Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Small Appliances

How many small appliances do you have?  Without thinking too hard about it, I can think of five in my kitchen without having to think too hard about it: coffee maker, hot water kettle, toaster, microwave, rotisserie and I have more in my cupboards.  And I have had many that haven't been deemed worthy of moving with us: small waffle iron, ice cream maker, pressure cooker.  It might sound funny, but I would happily give up my microwave oven too.  I use it mostly for reheating, and I don't like the soggy way most foods come out of it preferring to use a non-stick frying pan and pot cover.  It's not as fast, but the quality of the food coming out is so much nicer!!!  Plus, I don't like the way using my Corning Ware and Pyrex in the microwave makes them shatter instead of break over time.

 Would you give up your microwave?

Among the small appliances that I have and would buy again are:

1.  Hot Air Popcorn Popper, with the caveat that the popcorn doesn't shoot out of the machine, which no matter how careful you are to have a bowl under it, still sprays the area and floor with popcorn. 
2.  my bread machine is worth every penny.  True, I don't use it everyday anymore, but it is so easy to use and foolproof, that I know that anyone in my family could use it.  The bread machine also gives you the option of replacing some of the wheat flour with oats, rye and many other flours that are being made available these days.

3.  My husband didn't like my sandwich maker, so when it wore out, it wasn't replaced.  I am thinking of replacing it now that my kids are adults because of how quickly you can make an omelet in it, without having to stand over it like you do when it's in a pan on the stove.  Also the pizza pockets made with tortilla's are delish, as in pretty much everything you put into it EXCEPT cake and brownie mixes which I think are complete yuck!
      In this same class are the donut makers , which we bought my daughter for Christmas and have been very pleased with.  It turns out a bunch of mini donuts without tying up the oven or making a big mess to clean up after.

4.  It does take up a lot of room, so it sits in my dining room, but I love my rotisserie!  It makes the best rotisserie chicken and roasts.  I can use it to cook that night's dinner, or I can use it to cook dinner for a later night, while I'm using my conventional oven.

5. I love my slow cooker for days that I am not feeling good.  I just need to spend about 15 minutes to brown meats and vegetables in a frying pan on my stove, then dump all of it into my slow cooker with about a scant cup of water, and bullion cube, cover on medium and dinner is ready that night with no more effort on my part.

6.  My husband has a big orbital mixer, but it is too heavy for me to drag out so I love my powerful, little hand mixer for the smaller jobs like beating eggs, mixing pancake batter etc.

What are your favorite small appliances?


Sherri said...

oh man, do we have small appliances LOL living in this RV... we don't use the built in stove or oven because coach can't smell propane leaks... so we unhooked the tanks, better safe than sorry....

so -

we have a griddle, a microwave, a toaster oven, toaster, blender, rice steamer, foreman grill, slushie/frappacino/ice shaver thingy, coffee maker, coffee grinder,BBQ pit (does that count?) ... um, i'm sure i'm forgetting something lol

i don't care for the microwave either... we use it mostly for reheating or for soup warm-ups... i used to have a breadmaker and i really miss it... i loved the sun dried tomato/basil bread mix...

Mary Bennett said...

I would do the same thing re: using electric appliances instead of propane. Gas scares me. How is the move going?

katlupe said...

We have not had a microwave since we moved here 13 years ago. I never liked the way the food turned out in them. The only electric appliances we have is one hand mixer and a crock pot. They were both bought within the last year so are fairly new.

Mary Bennett said...

Crock Pots are really good in summer because you can get everything together in your kitchen, and then put it outside to cook, keeping the house cool,or at least cooler! :)


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