Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Visit to a Back Yard Farm

My son is more disturbed than I am, I think, about the book I just recommended to you called "Slaughterhouse..."  He has just about eliminated meat from his diet.

This morning he got up early and drove about a mile to one of the local back yard farms that own about a dozen hens.  He got to see the hens, see them foraging through the yard - pesticide free, thank-you - got to see their hay filled, flat, clean nesting boxes and saw their feed - corn and wheat free.

He was very impressed with the cleanliness, the health of the chickens and the feed.  It was like what we had when we had our own backyard farm in South Carolina.

Even at the early hour, the woman was almost out of fresh eggs and could only sell my son 6 of them for $4, not an astronomical price.  You would know if you raised hens yourself how much time goes into cleaning the hen house and keeping the bedding clean and how much organic, pesticide and anti-biotic feed costs.

His omelet was delicious!! You can not believe how much tastier, how much yellow-er it was!!  Truly this is the wave of the future and the end to anemic yellow-ish eggs and cruel treatment to hens that must sit in a wire box, on a slanted floor all of their life.

In fact, if I did not have active cancer, we would have our own little hen house again.  I miss our chickens!!

Above all, cruelty free


Michele B said...

Wow 6 eggs for $4.... I am shocked a bit. I can understand how the organic feed would be costly though. We don't have chickens right now but I hope we get some soon. I also want ducks. I think watching chickens and ducks wander around all day long is so therapeutic. I miss it. Now following you. Feel free to return the favor if you want.
Have a great weekend!

Mary Bennett said...

Dear Michelle, I just became a follower on your blog. I like the way you describe the different offers and give info before people have to sign up. I hate blogs where everything is coupons and offers without any real conversation going on.

I used to have chickens too before we moved, and I really miss them. They have personalities of their own and they are fun to watch. We let our forage our yard, and then put them in a secured hen house at night. I do NOT miss our rooster though, no matter how beautiful he was. And I do miss the crowing in the morning.
Thank-you so much for stopping by!! Please come again.


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