Thursday, July 15, 2010

How To Write To Me

I don't mind people e-mailing me, as long as they put "Blog" in the message space, so I know where the e-mail is coming from and don't dismiss it as spam. And I don't mind people who write to me using my blog. I have it on moderation, so I have to approve the message before it goes on my blog. That protects my readers from nastiness and spam.

And if someone asks me to please, not publish their post on my blog, I listen.

I really love the complimentary letters I get. :)

I really love the ones that agree with me, up to a point, and then ask me to think further than I might find comfortable. I like looking at things from a new perspective, even if I might still not agree.

I really love the letters that suggest a new topic. Who doesn't hit a dry spell now and then?

I even like the letters that don't agree with me in the least, because 1. the person is still reading my blog, 2. I get to look at something from a totally new perspective that I might never have looked at it from, 3. they bothered to write instead of swearing off my blog forever.

But when you write to me, I expect you to follow a few simple rules:

1. When you don't agree with my opinion or view, no matter how strongly, please don't call me names.

I would find this a totally acceptable letter:

Dear Mary,
I totally disagree with your opinion. I think you are being a stupid socialist. Do you realize .........blah blah.

2. Please do not use profanity, cuss words and more than anything else, blasphemy. "You are so totally stupid about ........" is a lot more acceptable than "You are so f++**ing stupid about..."

3. If you didn't like the subject of my post, a simple "I hated this post." works fine, and then you could suggest a topic you'd like better. Okay?



Style Attic said...

Fair enough! I can't believe you would even have to address such mannerisms!!!

Sunny Day said...

Its a shame that our manners have deteriorated so that we have to actually address issues such as these. This makes me think of a book I read recently where the main character had an extensive vocabulary. It was said he could "cuss" you out without ever using a curse word. And, you would know you had been berated royally. Not that I think anyone should respond that way to a blog. As you said, just say you didn't enjoy it.

Mary Bennett said...

It's the world of the Internet I think. People feel like thaey can't be seen or heard, no one knows who they are, so they can be as rude, mean or crude as they want to be without anything happening.
I really hope its just the world of the Internet and that these people don't act this way in real life!

Sunny Day said...

I think it is partly because the written message doesn't convey the tone of voice and thus can be misinterpreted. Of course, there are times when there is no mistaking the tone and what is meant


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