Friday, July 16, 2010

The X-Shot, camera on a stick!

This may be my first paid post, the key word being may-be. May-be ..if I make sure that you understand that if you click on my link and buy an XShot, I will make a commission. If you go to the X Shot site without using my link, I will not make a commission.

If you haven't read my Product Disclaimer link, please read it now. If you don't feel like clicking on it, here is my disclaimer, I will never say that I own or have used a product it I haven't. And I will never say that I like a product or think it's a good idea if I really don't think it's such a good deal.

Which brings us to the X Shot. I'm blogging about it because I went to the products website not knowing the first thing about it, and was impressed.
The site had a ton of written testimonials from users that loved it, and had video testimonials from customers using it to make their testimonials! That was a good first step.

So what is the X Shot? Well, if you've been on FaceBook or any of the other social media sites that are so popular, have you noticed all the Profile Pics of people that have them looking into the camera, and to the side of the picture, you see their arm? They try to hide it, but unless they take the time to crop or edit the pic, the arm is there. The reason is because they are holding the camera at arm's length away from them to take their picture.

And that is where the X Shot comes in. The X-Shot is a sturdy, reinforced metal rod that attaches securely to your camera. It telescopes out to 37 inches (collapses to a compact 9 inches so it's pretty easy to stick in most pockets or purses) so you can hold your camera far enough away to take either a group shot (up to 5 people) or one of you with scenery behind you. And you're not extending your arm out, so there is no arm to try to hide in the picture.

Need more specifics, like will it work with your camera? The answer is most probably, as long as your camera is a digital. Your camera can't weigh more than a pound and a quarter. Most Point and Shoot digitals don't. Now a DSLR, you'd really have to check, especially if you think about the weight of some of the lenses. There has to be a tripod mount on the camera and you have to have a self-timing mode.

Did you check your camera for these specifics? Okay, attach your camera to the XShot using the tripod mount. Set your camera for auto-focus. Set the camera to self-timer. Extend the camera out so you get an idea of what you want to take the picture of. Activate the self timer, extend the camera in front of you and wait for the camera to take the picture. Now review the picture on your camera. You can make adjustments to where you are standing and what background you want in the picture, if needed.

The more I think about the X-Shot, the more I think I like it!! You can take a picture of the rare time the whole family is together, without relying on a stranger to 1 happen by and agree to take your picture and 2 rely on him to be able to take a decent picture with your camera. From experience, I've learned there are a lot of people who do not understand any camera except may-be, their own.

There are a few different models of the X Shot, some even for use with your phone! So if you're interested, make sure you go to their site by clicking on my link, and check them out!

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