Monday, July 26, 2010

On a good day

One of the biggest problems I have trying to be frugal is the annoying time of day, that most women know as "supper," or if you are trying to be fancy, "dinner." I think you can ask any mother, and the question she most dreads, and is most consistently asked is "What's for supper Mom?"

There is probably only one question that we dread more, which is "Guess what fell out of my mouth today?" Thankfully, that question isn't asked all that often, and not by every kid.

Thank God for small favors!

Back to dinner, or if you rather, supper. Two names, same dilemma. On a good day, I will have gotten a piece of meat out the day before, actually two. When I'm being really conscientious, I get out a piece of beef and chicken out every morning, so that every day there is already a piece of meat thawed and ready to be cooked that night. Now the key word there you'll notice is, "good" day. On a good day. Not "every" day, not even "most" day or "some" days. I said on a good day.

On a sort of good day, the meat will be kind of thawed and can be popped into the microwave to get rid of the last vestiges of crunchiness, also known as ice.

On a bad day, that meat is still frozen so hard, I could use it to drive nails! With a little fore thought, I could have thrown it into the slow cooker that morning. That is, if I had a little fore thought. On a bad day, I have no thought, never mind fore thought.

That is when my determination to stay frugal goes right out the window. Usually, the first resolution to the problem is the most expensive because the result is instant; we go out for fast food. Yes, unlike a great majority of the population, we don't go out to eat. I refuse to ever be that un-frugal. When we go to a restaurant, it is after we have planned the when and the where, never a quick fix. Although getting fast food or take out is never, in my opinion, frugal.

Our family loves Chinese take out. When we get take out, and determine to be frugal, the bill is never below $50.

The tab for McDonalds and Burger King, always just this side of $50.

It doesn't take an economist to realize that not having only a few dinners ready can really shoot a hole into ones financial boat, and sink it!

So, I've thought of some remedies:

1. I have a slow cooker, I need to find some recipes that everyone likes. My pot roast recipe is a thumbs down for my family, so if anyone has a recipe for using in the crock pot, please share!

2. I need to once again remember the law of two, that is, when I cook a meal, make enough for two meals, and freeze one for later use. I have the vacuum sealer, what I need is the magic marker, and find a place that I can put it so no one "borrows" -imagine air quotes there - it.


Sunny Day said...

Mary, I found a plain old ballpoint pen works great on my Food Saver bags. Much better than a marker.

You can find a lot of crock pot recipes on the web. Do a quick search for them and you will probably come up with so many sites you will be sorry you ever searched. One that I have used repeatedly is what my kids called Double Stewed Chicken.

Now I use three chicken breasts and put in crock pot. They can be frozen or thawed. Add a can of Cream of Chicken soup and about 1/2 cup of white wine (that's where the double stewed comes in). If you don't want to use the wine, you can leave it out or use water.

A couple days ago I posted a recipe for Crock Pot Meatloaf.

Lily said...

This double stewed sounds yummy. I am going to try a clipping service to be more frugal, we'll see how that goes.

Mary Bennett said...

How does a clipping service help with the frugality? I'm really interested because I've never heard of that before.

Sunny, I'm heading over to your blog to try some recipes!!!


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