Sunday, July 11, 2010

Small mercies

If the Iranian government can be believed,Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani will not be stoned. Of course that doesn't mean that she won't be hung from a crane to strangle for anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour.

Thank-God for small mercies.....

And Sakineh is the lucky one, because she has gotten enough world coverage to have petitions, websites and groups on FaceBook to protest her stoning. What about all the others who don't get this coverage? Whose families feel they deserve the punishment?

And after so much energy expended to save Sakineh, will there be any left to save the next victim of such barbarism?

Yes, you can point out the Inquisition, the persecutions under the Tudors and even the Salem Witch Trials, but these are all atrocities from centuries ago.

This isn't the Twentieth century. It's the Twenty-first century.

It's time for things to change.


Sunny Day said...

Yes, that would be a small mercy. Its hard to believe let alone understand something like this happening in this supposedly enlightened age. It seems only some of the world's peoples are enlightened.

Style Attic said...

It's amazing how much darkness there is left to shed light on!


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