Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My New Car, part 4

Not a really huge van

So we've established that what I want in my next car is a living room on wheels, but that isn't really accurate. Any van with either comfy Captain chairs or back bench seat could be a living room on wheels. I wanted more.

Galley has sink, stove, microwave and fridge!

I wanted the capability to pull off the crowded highway, make a cup of tea or brew a pot of coffee and relax with a book, or watch some tv until the traffic had calmed down, or until we were ready to roll again.

Then I realized, I didn't want a livingroom on wheels; I wanted a cottage on wheels!

Onboard lavatory!

And after all that coffee drinking and snacking during a long drive, I want a lavatory!! I want a nice lavatory, a separate room would be nice.

Would any of this be possible?

So I began my search by typing "RV Van" into the search bar. (Typing Van RV bought me to the site of, well, Vann RV." ) All kinds of information popped up. The type of van that I am looking for is considered a "Class B," so no special license is required to drive it. The vans come in all sorts of lengths, including one that is almost the same length of the mini-van I drive now.

One site even guaranteed me that certain sizes of their vans don't use more gasoline than the SUV that I drive now. Well, if I drove a SUV. And because of the size, many of them could be registered as a normal van, instead of as a RV. Likewise, parking that was denied to RV's would be open to these vans.

All compelling information.

My husband was watching my computer search from the couch. He'd comment on the niceness of some of the layouts and his dislike for others. Additionally, he was still unrepentant for bringing up the subject of my new car in the first place. Even after seeing the price of these gorgeous little cottages on wheels.

Of course, if you read my blog you know that my little mini-van still runs just fine, thanks to my husbands dogged determination and skill. It will be a little while before I have to make my decision, but anytime the interstate looks even mildly congested, I have to admit that I wish we already had "my new car."

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Style Attic said...

HA! I LOL!! "Cottage on wheels" is AWESOME, I can't stop giggling :) I love this journey of car/home shopping!

Mary Bennett said...

Thank-you soo much! :) Now I know what car I want next, but NO IDEA on how to pay for it! LOL!!! Guess I'll have to wait a while.

....Petty Witter said...

A cottage on wheels, I love this idea. Amazing the things you can fit in such a relatively small space. I agree that a toilet is needed. Good luck with the search.

Erika said...

What a fun post!! I didn't even know they had vans like this!! Too fun ... now I'm daydreaming! :)

Stopping in from iFellowship!

Kei said...

Hi Mary,
Cottage on Wheels, what a great idea!

gena said...

Not so far fetched Mary ! My Jacob's van has a teeny tiny galley - fridge, sink, micro AND a full bath ! In his case it's been a Godsend, but wow I would have loved this when the boys were little and I was schlepping them all over for swim meets and soccer tournaments !!!

check out Road Trek vans....


Naomi Champy said...

A “cottage-on-wheels” is actually not a bad idea! What people are looking for is comfort on the road -- somewhere they can actually spend some time inside a car without having to drive it. I do hope that you managed to get your hands on your dream RV!


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