Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Halloween Story Part Four

Tina looked as though she was ready to cry. Ria handed her a bit of cloth from her costume to wipe her mouth.
She still looked sick. "I think I better go home." she stammered. "Go ahead and Trick or Treat without me."
"Oh no, I'm walking you home." Ria said quickly and Erin agreed.
"We really have enough candy already. My mom steals candy from my bag, so she'll actually thank you." She laughed and Ria joined her because it was true; parents and older brothers always took candy from the Trick or Treat bags.
Tina gave a half smile. "I don't want to ruin the night on you. Go on with out me. I can make it home by myself."
Her friends didn't leave her side the whole walk home. After making sure that Tina was safely home, they decided to walk to Erin's house together and ask Dave to drive Ria home, but he wasn't home.
"Look, it's not far from your house to mine. I'll walk home as fast as I can, and then I'll call you to let you know that I made it home."Ria decided.
"I don't know........." Erin argued.
"I'll be fine!" Ria said as she headed out the door. "Really, I'll call you in a few minutes!"
Ria saw her brother Tommy's tail lights disappearing down the street just as she was getting home.
'It figured!' Ria thought as she took off her necklace to get to the house key she always wore around her neck.
Once inside she hurried to the phone and called Erin. "Home just fine!"
"Are your parents home?"
Ria listened for a minute and didn't hear a single sound. "Nope, home alone."

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