Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Development, Halloween Snippet

I hope you enjoyed yesterday snippet. Here is today's. Let me know how you like it!

Safety from what? Teresa again wondered to herself. Then she gave herself a mental shake and told herself not to be silly.

"Does this dress look right?" Mia asked, tugging down on the pink gossamer skirt. She was dressed like a fairytale princess, all in pink, even down to her ballet style slippers.
Mia did look like a princess. The way she looked reminded Teresa of her daughter when she was younger, so much younger, when she had enjoyed dressing up and Trick or Treating was done with her friends, parents, and before it got dark.
Teresa missed those days.
"You look absolutely beautiful, but I'm really worried about how thin that outfit is. It's getting cold. Bring a jacket with you and a pair of sweat pants."
"Moooom!" Mia whined. "That will totally ruin the look!"
It would too.
"Fine, but next year, I want your costume to be the Wookie from Star Wars! Promise me you'll come straight home if you get cold?"
"Promise!" Mia replied with a smile and mother and daughter hugged.
The doorbell rang. When the door opened, they saw Mia's friends; a pirate complete with black eye patch and a stuffed parrot on his shoulder, a baby doll in a too short dress - she'd be cold this night too Teresa noted, a baseball player with a bat, his treat bag hanging off of it, a waitress - in a dress that was too short also, a washerwoman, and a good, old fashioned, green skinned, hooked nose witch.
Since most of the girls wore short skirted costumes, Teresa was sure that the girls would be cold and Mia would be home early. They all would be. Then Teresa could start to breath normally again.
Before Mia left, Teresa checked to make sure that the girl had her cell phone, on speed dial to her own cell phone, and that Mia was one of the group that had a flashlight with her.
"Now can I goooo?" Mia asked in that suffering voice that teenage girls have perfected.

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