Friday, October 28, 2011

A snippet from The Development

I am still working on my book, "The Development." I thought for Halloween, I'd share some snippets from it.

Chapter 9

Teresa Meyer had never felt this way before. She didn't want her fourteen year old daughter to go Trick or Treating with her friends this year. She had a nagging feeling, an awful feeling that something terrible was going to happen. Not necessarily to her daughter, per se, but ….
She felt irrational because she had nothing to base her fears on, just feelings and yet she was ready to forbid Mia from going Trick or Treating.
"Mia, finish your supper!" Teresa called. Mia would hurry to the kitchen and snatch a little food from her plate, and then go back to the bathroom or her bedroom to perfect the costume she was wearing this year.
Was she being a smart mom, or a paranoid one?
Paranoid, she decided. After all, it wasn't like her daughter was collecting candy in a strange neighborhood, or even alone. She'd be with a large group of neighborhood friends, just like every year.
And Mia had a cell phone for safety. How Mia loved her cell phone! It was pink and she had hand embellished it with rhinestones and acrylic paint. It was an original creation. Unique, just like Mia.


msjb said...

Very intriguing! Good job...keep those writing juices flowing :)

<3 Julia

Mary Bennett said...

Thanks Julia!! I'm trying! I'm hoping to be finished soon, and offer the book as an E book on Amazon.

Do you think an E-book would be a good choice?


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