Thursday, October 27, 2011


Today, Nate and I celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary. I feel reflective.

In 32 years of marriage we:

had 6 kids and fostered one for 5 years

lived in 3 states

bought 3 homes, including one in the Hamptons, and one we bought outright

had innumerable cats, a dog, two bunnies, a snake and a few tankfuls of fish

traveled to Canada, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, Niagara, Amish Country, the Poconos, and a Renaissance Faire.

owned a van furnished for travel, numerous cars, 3 mini-vans, trucks, and a extended cab truck

we've raised chickens for eggs

Nate and Matt found a haunted house on property we owned.

Nate has had many operations

Nate has been licensed and certified for driving commercial trucks and tractor trailers as well as running a wastewater treatment plant and potable water

I have had a column in a newspaper, sold photo's I took, my artwork and jewelry I made.

We've had children grow to adult, and move out of our home

We've endured through serious illness and it's after effects

We grew a huge pumpkin for Halloween this year

I can only wonder what the next years will hold!


Sherri said...

you have been very busy these past 32 years!!

how are you feeling these days?

cecilia said...

dear Mary, this post is so nice, so gentle, so rich of sense of humor and so SWEET!!!! May God bless the two of you for many many many years again and again.

Mary Bennett said...

Hi Sherri! My news is good, but the cancer has done damage to the inside, so, I get a "new Normal" every few weeks. Day by day, and I am grateful for EVERY day! I have a wheelchair coming before Christmas so I'll be able to get out more! yIPPIE!!

Mary Bennett said...

Cecilia, thank-you for your nice compliments!!!


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