Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Development, Snippet 3

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"Yes. Be careful. No candy before I check it. I mean it!!"
"What's with your mom tonight?" Teresa heard one of the boys ask. Steve Adams, she recognized the voice,
"I don't know." Mia mumbled. "She's doing the mom thing. She's probably reading a true crime book or something."

They'd done a ton of Trick or Treating, and the girls in their short dresses were getting cold.
"We'll do this last road, and then head for home." Steve Adams announced. He could have continued trick or treating, but without the others, it wouldn't have been much fun.
"My house is that way." The washerwoman said. "After this house, I'm going home."
The witch agreed. "I'm cold and I have enough candy." Sarah Rockney said. "I'll go with you."
A few of the other Trick or Treaters announced that they had enough candy, and were going home also.
After they had rang the doorbell of the last house, the teens broke into separate groups and headed home.
The pink princess left with the black figure with the screaming ghost mask.

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