Monday, October 31, 2011

The last Snippet of the Development

This is the last snippet of Chapter 9, the Development, a book that I am writing. I hope as you have read, you have started to feel the misgivng that Theresa had turn to fear. Please leave a comment, I'd love to know your thoughts! Would it be too much to ask you to share these latest blog posts with your friends?

By the way, are your kids going Trick or Treating this year? I bet now, you'll be going with them!! Bwahahaha!!!!

It was after ten, and Teresa Meyer felt like she had been a good sport for long enough. Mia was definitely taking advantage of her good will now. Whether it embarrassed her daughter or not, she was going to call her cell phone and demand her daughter come home right now! And if it mortified her in front of her friends, good! May-be it would inspire her to use some common sense next time around!
Teresa pushed the send button, and almost immediately Mia's phone went to voice mail.
"Hey! This is Mia, I'll call you right back!" Beep!
Teresa tried again, with the same result.
She didn't understand why her daughter's phone was turned off. May-be she had it set to vibrate so her friends wouldn't know when her mother called? It was so easy to embarrass a teenager.
Teresa made herself a cup of tea, carried it to the livingroom and turned the television to the local news, while she waited for Mia to return her call.
Mia never did. It was now after 10:30. She would do the capital sin of all capital sins in a teenagers life, call Mia's friend's parents.
She called the Adam's home first. What she heard made Teresa's heart jackhammer in her chest, the kids were cold, and had come home a little after nine.
Teresa asked to speak to Steve directly. She knew that Steve had been the pirate trick or treater.
"Steve, she's not here." She said after picking up the phone. "You didn't come here after Trick or Treating, so how do you know that Mia came home?" She was trying to remain calm, not to break down in tears.
Oh God! If only she had listened to her feelings and braved the teenage scorn that Mia would have heaped on her!
"Well the girls got cold, so we broke into groups and headed for home."
"What groups Steve?"
Steve thought for a minute. "Well, I went home with Sarah Rockney, she was the witch and my little sister Selena, she was the washer woman. For some reason, my sister Samantha didn't want to go Trick or Treating this year. Then my friend Bobby Morgan, he was the baseball player and his sister Dawn, she was the waitress went home. The girl in the baby doll outfit was Lilly Hogan, and she lived right next to the last house we Trick or Treated at, so she went home alone."
"What about Mia, in the pink princess costume, did you let her walk home alone?" Teresa fought the panic in her voice that made her voice rise into a shriek. She had to keep calm so that Steve wouldn't freak. He had to think coolly, rationally.
"Oh yeah, she went home with the kid in the screaming ghost costume."
Teresa almost lost her breath. There hadn't been a kid in a ghost costume when Mia had joined her friends. She tried to calm herself. May-be someone had joined the kids while they were Trick or Treating?
"Steve, who was the kid in the ghost costume? I didn't see him when you all came to pick up Mia."
Steve thought for a minute. Teresa wanted to scream in frustration at the long pause but silently counted to ten to keep her patience instead.
"I don't know who it was." He finally said. "He joined us while we were Trick or Treating."


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Mary Bennett said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed! I hope you find your way back again soon!


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