Monday, August 23, 2010

Spooky Mondays

I didn't really have enough time to do anything too Halloween scary.
This week I am posting some handmade Halloween decorations that I made and sold on Ebay a few years back.
They are made of papier mache and twigs from South Carolina. They have dried beans in them, so they make a shaking sound, but they are not 'rattles' for a baby's use. They are called "Prim Halloween Shakers." Mine are not made in the usually accepted form which is a acrylic paint on muslin that is then baked and sanded.
I am a "Primitive" artist, a genre that not all people can appreciate. In fact, most people wonder "why?"
Why would anyone buy this kind of art?
Why would anyone like this kind of art?
Why would anyone admit to making this kind of art.

The bells on these shakers were first soaked in
vinegar to remove the 'safety' coating, then
rinsed, covered with a coat of glue, and then
rolled in cinnamon
while the glue was
tacky. This is a "faux"
rust, that makes the
shakers smell like the
autumn season. Well
at least to me. I hope you enjoyed this little tour!


Lily said...

I love that the bells were coated in cinnamon, what a GREAT idea!!

Lori said...

I love your Halloween decoarations, how fun and very creative.

Kei said...

Hi Mary
Your Halloween decorations are so cute. Especially I love pumpkin.


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