Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Things are Getting Ugly

Oh yea, things are definitely getting ugly on FaceBook, but I'm sure they are getting ugly on other social networking sites too. "What is getting ugly?" you might ask. "The mood? Posts?"

No, the pictures!

Now you might wonder, how is this in the least bit something I am interested in? Well look through the pictures your family, friends and may-be even worse, your co workers have posted on any of the social networking sites. These are people that you see everyday, and you at least thought that they liked you. Well, that illusion is over! It seems everyone has a camera now a days. They are on most cell phones and on a few of the hand held gaming systems. Everyone seems to know how to use them and how to send the pictures to e-mail or directly to the Internet. What people don't seem to know how to do is use discretion, charity, empathy in their postings and how to crop a picture. Case in point, how do you like the puss above? Think the 'delete' button should have been used, may-be?

Some pictures are a unflattering portrait of a person (again, notice the picture above. Which on second thought actually is very flattering!!). These kind of pictures, if taken at all, should be deleted. So should the picture of someone who is chewing, getting ready to yell, wiping their nose, picking their teeth ... the list goes on. In fact, I'd like to read some of the ones you think should never be taken.

Then, there are the pictures where the main subject is posed and beautiful, but someone to the left is scratching their groin, bent over with their but in the air, or taking a bite of food like a great white shark. The only kind thing to do, is to crop these images out and only post the posed, pretty person.

Does this happen in real life though? Nooooooo! What happens is the picture is posted, and tagged. For example Mary and Nate on their 30th anniversary. Lenny shotgunning not one but two beers, Uncle Ruf dancing on the picnic table, Aunt Bev after a few too many losing her coconut bra, Denny staring at June's cleavage.

Is anyone looking at the picture of the prettily posed Anniversary couple? Noooooo! They are staring at the tagged shenanigans and seeing if they can spot any more untagged ones.

Oh, and the shenanigan people? Well the picture goes over to their FaceBook page, with their shenanigans tagged for all to see. Even Denny staring at June's cleavage, so that Denny's girlfriend Marge can wonder why she wasn't invited to the picnic and is anything more than Denny's rude gawking going on between Denny and June? Because she wasn't invited to the picnic.

In conclusion, before you post a picture to the Internet, ask yourself, What would Jesus do?


Lily said...

Aint that the truth? People just do not think!! And by the way, you are beautiful!

Wendy said...

Hello Mary,
I am inviting you to come and join me for my Spooky Mondays party.
Lily sent me and told me you would love this. Please stop by. I would be honored to have you visit.
Have a wonderfully enchanted day..
Wendy from Wonderland

Mary Bennett said...

Wendy, thanks for the invite!!!!!

Lauren said...

You seem to think a lot like I do. I remember the 70's too. But you what? Technically speaking I suppose we were actually luckier growing up and having less in that sense. Weren't we quite thrilled when we got a chance to talk to a friend on the extension phone? The one with the rotary dial and attachments? Like the phone to the receiver and that to the wall?


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