Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where the Red Fern Grows

A daughter and son like to haunt used book stores in search of a good read, so I'm never surprised when one of them is reading a book that looks vaguely familiar. Such was the case of "Where The Red Fern Grows."

I thought the title was familiar. Had I read it way back when I was still in school? As I looked the book over, the plot seemed familiar, but I still wasn't sure if I had read it or not. A little research showed that in the 1970's the book was made into a movie. Was I thinking of that?

So I asked my daughter if I could read the book after she was done with it?

"No." she replied. "It's too sad for you, I think." Well, that is what happens as one ages and your children grow older than you; they start making decisions for you regarding your welfare. They do it to protect you, because they love you. Sounds vaguely like something I've said in the past, and while the sentiment is appreciated, it's about as welcomed as it was originally received.

So, after thanking my daughter for her kind care and concern, I began to read the book. It was a bit tainted for me though, as I turned every page wondering if this is where I would be hit with the sadness my daughter had sought to protect me from?

There are reasons that some books are considered a classic; quality of writing, how interesting the story is, the theme that flows through it. This book is a classic, and if you haven't been required to read it while you were in school, or if you only saw the movie, I really encourage you to read it.

I won't reveal anything of the story, except to tell you that a red fern has nothing to do with the story at all, until the last few pages. Then you will realize that the red fern has been in the story since almost the very start.


Margaret Mary Myers said...

Mary, I think I read that a long time ago. I should read it again. I laughed and laughed at your daughter's "decision", NOT laughing AT her, but because I can soo relate, as my children (ages 17-30) try to protect me too. Well, at least they WANT to be involved in our lives.

Lori said...

I don't remember reading that in school, but I remember my son reading it and he thought is was just ok. We still have the book, I'll have to pick it up and start reading.

Lily said...

I have not read it, I think I will look for it! So sweet about your daughter :)

Mary Bennett said...

It is a really good book. My mom liked the movie, but when given the choice of movie or book, I pick the book. The last scene, which I will NOT reveal and spoil for you, regarding the red fern, I don't think could be done justice in a movie. Reading alows you to stop and meditate on it for a minute. I did that a few times on the last scene.


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