Wednesday, August 4, 2010

When I feel .....nostalgic

Some catalogues arrive at your doorstep, just sooo beautiful

that I knew that the items inside were "good stuff." In fact I thought the catalogue was sooo pretty, that I copied it over for my blog so you could see it.

Sometimes, on a bright autumn day that can seem so lonely, or on a dark winter's day, I feel a little nostalgic for the family members that I know through the stories of other family members who have also since passed on.

I think about the Victorian and early turn of the century days (turn of the 20th century that is) that they lived in. I've been exposed to many of the items that were once theirs. I've heard the stories of the simpler, and yet just as fulfilling days, that they lived in.

I wonder, if I was alive then, what would my life be like? Would I be married, or would I be a spinster woman? Would I live in a Victorian house, or what my Grandfather used to call "a little bungalow?" If I was a spinster, would I live with my family? Or would I have been able to follow my dream of being a teacher, and I'd live in a few rooms of a Victorian rooming house? Would I live in town, or out?

Apparently, these musings are not unique to me, although may-be the way these musings come about might be. One day though, I was talking to some friends online, and they were gushing about a catalogue that some of them had just received, and some were still waiting for. The "haves" were raving, the "have-nots" were impatient. I just had to see this catalogue, and they gave me the website to go to where I could order my own catalogue for free. (The link is at the bottom of this page, so that you can order yours for free too)

I waited for what seemed like forever for the Victorian Trading Company to arrive. Before it arrived however, I warned my family that when it did arrive, I would be taking the afternoon off to browse through it's luscious pages. I even bought a family sized, frozen dinner for supper the night of it's arrival.

And then the big day came! The catalogue cover was sooo pretty; it could have been a piece of art! The paper was glossy and substantial, good thing, because I paged through it often. On the walk from the mailbox to my living room, I wouldn't let myself open the catalogue; I wanted everything to be just perfect. I started water in my electric kettle and rinsed out my teapot. I took the phone off the hook. And I got out my favorite indulgence,
my Stella Dora Anisette Sponge cookies. When everything was set out next to my camel -back, love seat, I opened the catalogue.

Ooohs! Aaahs! issued unconsciously from my lips. I was transported back in time to clothing that was beautiful, and simple enough that I would wear it today. I began to decorate two different living spaces in my imagination; one was the little cottage my husband and I will someday occupy, the other was the room I would occupy in a Victorian house if I was a spinster lady at the turn of the century.

This chair would definitely be in my room if I was a Spinster Lady at the turn of the century. What luxury to return home to! A chair during the day, and a comfy bed at night!

This comfy floral chair would be mine in our little cottage in the future, while the more substantial looking leather, wing back chair would be my husbands. He'd
sit in his chair and do crossword puzzles and I'd crochet

while we listened to the radio.

This lamp reminds me of one of the favorite animals in my son's childhood stories, and the acorn reminds me of my favorite season of the year, autumn. So this lamp would be on a table next to my comfy chair.

While this lamp for reading would stand by my husband's chair to shed light on those tricky crossword puzzles, or as he read a book to me while I crocheted.

Sometimes I would want to write in my journal or a letter to my favorite cousin, so I'd pick a dip pen and appropriate nib from this wood pen case. What a luxurious feeling to be picking the size of my pen nib, and the color of the ink.

I would write my thoughts and impressions in this clever little journal with my dip pen. I don't have this book, but from the quality of things that I have ordered, I am sure this book is well bound, and the paper creamy, soft and a joy to write in!

This trash can is so beautiful, that I'd have it in my living room just as an accent piece. It reminds me of the hamper that my grandmother used to have. A pretty trash can is hard to find nowadays, where trashcans are usually plastic, utilitarian and ugly.

A glance at this imaginative clock, would warn me that it is time to turn in since we aren't "night owls" ourselves. I would remember the stories my mother told me about her youth, and the owls that would fly out from the abandoned barn from the property behind her family home.

So you see now, just from these few examples I've shown you what a dreamy, wonderful catalog this is! Just looking at it on my tea break makes me feel more calm after a crazy morning.

Thank-goodness for businesses that have endeavored to transmit dream appeal for harried women!

Hi Mary,

Thank you for your inquiry. You are welcome to feature our company in your blog.

Thanks for your interest!

Kind Regards,

Sarah E. Rouchka
Marketing Director
Victorian Trading Company
15600 W. 99th Street
Lenexa, Kansas 66219
913-438-3995, x 124


Sunny Day said...

Love the chair that makes a bed. I wish I had room in my living room for one.

Mary Bennett said...

Sunny, me too! It looks so comfie, doesn't it?

katlupe said...

Mary, I wish I lived in the 1800's also. My husband and I used to do a wild west show (my brother's show and he still does it) and it was supposed to be in the 1870's. I could pretend we were back in time and it was fun. The whole week-end we lived that way by camping out with the group and wearing the clothes and all. Lots of fun! But if I had my choice, I'd like to have lived in the 1830's. Don't know why, I just like that time period.

Mary Bennett said...

Kat, that sounds neat, about the Western Show. Do you think you'll ever blog about it? Pictures?
I think, what I like about the 1800's is the lack of consumerism. Things were handed down, and they had a history. Even homes were handed down. I also like the way that people did as much for themselves as possible. Like white sugar for one example. You might have had it for guests, but for cooking you used molasses (less expensive) or may-be you got honey from your own bees. Or you did without. My grandfather was from the turn of the century, and one of his sayings that I like the most is, Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.
I can't tell you how happy I am that you stopped by my blog and left a note!! :)


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