Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Tears of St Lawrence and Other Roman Musings

I can hardly believe that we are in the middle of August already! How can that be? Somehow, it feels as though we should still be in July and yet.... My Morning Glories are finally established and
greeting us every morning with these gorgeous blue blooms! On a day, where the sun shines as it only can in summer,
the combination of golden yellow summer sun and blue Morning Glory makes me feel happy. I don't think anyone could feel any other way!
This variety of Morning Glory is called "Heavenly Blue." What a perfect name, don't you think? I always thought that this color blue, must be the color of Mary, Mother of Jesus, mantle.
The weather for the beginning of this week kept threatening rain, and even when it didn't rain, the sky was cloudy, so that I couldn't see the sky that important night of August 12th, so we couldn't watch the "Tears of Saint Lawrence," also known as Perseid meteor shower. The reason this meteor show is called The Tears of Saint Lawrence is because they usually occur on, or very close to the Feast of Saint Lawrence which is August 10th.
I guess I have to accept that summer is just about over, even though the majority of my tomatoes are green. The dog days of summer, according to the
Farmer's Almanac extend from July 3 to August 11
We are now a few days past that. Obviously, de
spite the heat and despite my own desire for summer to continue....

Actually, what I am wishing for, I suddenly
realize, is not for the actual continuance of summer. My favorite time of year is Autumn, the season that directly follows Summer. What I wish to have continue is the lifestyle of Summer. It must be a throw back to my schooldays (who would think I could remember back that far?) when summer meant no school. No alarm clocks to get you up on time, no jumping out of bed to start the day, no living by the clock.

No matter my commitments of the day, if it's summer, I somehow feel freer than the I do during the rest of the days of the year. Does it make any sense what-so-ever? No. Having to be at a certain place, at a certain time means that you are living by the clock, no matter the season, no matter your state of mind.

The calendar says that we still have a good month left of the summer season, but it's not the same summer of July and not the same summer that we enjoyed, or tried to enjoy, during the dog days of summer. I should have realised that when I went out to go lightning bug hunting with my favorite little, and saw the amount of flashes decline day after day until soon, we saw none.

Now when I get up with my husband on his early mornings, it is no longer sunny like it was only a few weeks ago. It's not until he's left a little while, and I'm watching HLN with Robin Meade that the morning starts to get lighter. Why didn't I notice this sooner?

The curse of seeing, but not noticing!

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Lily said...

Hi Mary :),
I agree,I see without noticing a lot these days. I dislike the heat of the summer, but like you, relax more in the summertime!!


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