Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why There's a Bag in Our Front Yard

"Why do we have an empty bag in the front yard?" my husband asked resignedly. You know that he is pretty used to my recyclable ways when he doesn't ask if I realize that there is garbage on our front yard.
"Because I'm waiting for it to rot away." I answer him with the bare facts.
"Will it?"

Now that is the big question, will it? I don't know. It's supposed to, after being exposed to the elements for a while. So far, it's been a week. I have it weighed down with potting soil on the inside, and the bag itself is located in the sunniest part of our yard. I know that, because that is where all of our grass has died.

So we'll see how the compostable bag does. If it does perform as promised, we might never eat any chips except SUN CHIPS in the compostable bag ever again.

On the subject of my blog not accepting comments, I've tried to follow the advice that a reader, Sherri, e-mailed me. So if you still have trouble with leaving comments, will you please e-mail me at and put BLOG in the subject line? Much thanks to Sherri for her advice.

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Sunny Day said...

I will be interested in your findings on the Sun Chip bag too.

Kelly said...

Oh, I am SO interested to see how this experiment goes...may have to do it myself even, I am such a visual person, LOL!!!!

Sister Mary Martha said...

It will eventually disintegrate, but it the bag says 'compost-able' that just means it will break down in compost fairly quickly. You're just doing it the slow way.

Sister Mary Martha said...

It will disintegrate, but 'compost'able' on the bag means that if you actually put it into a compost bin it will break down like regular paper. You're just doing it the slow way.

Mary Bennett said...

The back of the bag, the part tht is contact with the ground all the time, is starting to turn black. Who'd thought that the constant heat of the sun, and the drenching rain would have almost no effect, but shade and the ground would?


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