Sunday, May 30, 2010

My New Car, part 2

"Okay, seriously. What kind of car would you like when your van dies?"

I can't think of a conversation I'd like to have less than "the car" conversation. "I don't care." I say unhelpfully.

"C'mon! Instead of a mini-van this time, would you like a sedan? Or may-be by then, you could have a two door coupe."


"Mary! Don't you have any preferences?"

"I guess another mini-van."

"But may-be by then you won't need a mini-van."

"Thanks. I always like to contemplate when my parent job is over." Now the conversation is not only boring, it's turned depressing.

"Alright, let's just say you seem to want a roomy car. I guess a coupe is out. But now may-be you could get that 64 Mustang you've always wanted."

"I want a '68 Camaro now."

"But that's a Chevy!" he protests. Now he is starting to not like the way this conversation is going.

"So it has to be a Ford then?" I ask archly.

"Yes." He is now as stubborn about the make of car as I am about not wanting a car.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Are we twins married to twins?

I like having a car that's not gonna mind a few dings. I do NOT want a brand-new car.

Fortunately, the kids are getting to driving age -- the next two cars, DH will get lots of input from them.



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