Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who Are You Sleeping With?

This is part two to my infidelity blog a few blogs back. This chart shows a couple Kevin and Kim. They each only had one sexual partner before they became a couple. You'll notice that each of the couple's have only had one sexual partner previously.

The red names, are the names that are "new", so they are only counted once. So, Kevin and Kim are sleeping with 12 other people, besides themselves.

Ask yourselves these questions:

1. What are the chances that every single man or woman has only had one previous lover?
Having more than one previous partner dramatically increases your chances of acquiring an STD, AIDs or HIV

2. What are the chances that none of the previous lovers have an STD, HIV, or AIDs?

3. How reliable are barrier methods of contraception? Not very. And many STD's do not require sexual transmission, but only sexual contact.


Style Attic said...

This post is amazing and thought provoking....truly. Brilliant. It should be presented in every health class in schools!

Mary Bennett said...

Thank-you. How many people have only ONE previous "lover?" ESP in this day and age. I wonder if the "Kims" of the world realize that they are essentially sleeping with 12 other people?

gena said...

I taught this in my 8th grade ccd class believe it or not ! It really is EWWWWWWWWWWWW isn't it ?

Makes me glad ( again ! ) that hubby and I were first and onlies for each other !


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