Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Punch Dub, C'mon really?

Do you remember the "punch buggy" game? I think everyone must have played it at least once. The way to play the game, in case you don't know, is to spy a Volks Wagon Beetle , and lightly punch the arm of the person next to you while saying the color of the car and "Punch buggy blue." Or green, or red, or black or white.

But from what I understand, the Beetle is not manufacturing anymore Beetles. So now Volks Wagon has developed it's own game for the masses to play called "Punch Dub", and since that hasn't caught on, the game is to see a Volks Wagon and while calling out the color, punch the person next to you as hard as you can.

"Blue one!" WHAM!

"Ow!!! Where?"

I don't see this game being appreciated by parents anywhere. We're too busy trying to teach our exuberant offspring to keep their hands to themselves.

I do see this game being used to even the score with someone. As in:

"Blue one!" WHAM!!!!!!

"Owwww! Where?"

"Right there."

"Where? I don't see a car anywhere…"

"It went zooming by…honest."

"Billy, we're in the middle of the lake, you didn't see any car go by from here. You just wanted to get back at me for telling Mom you came home after 11 last night."

C'mon Volks Wagon, you're trying too hard.


Lily said...

I agree, but I always thought the punch buggy game was lame too, lol.

Mary Bennett said...

I thought it was a bit lame too, but at least the Beetle really did look different from every other car on the road. LOL!! :)


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