Thursday, April 15, 2010

100 Things I've Learned The Hard Way

Inspired by the blog 'Are We There Yet -DavisFarm' which a long
time net friend, Cher,introduced me to today and the experiences
of my 30 plus year marriage, I've decided to make my own list. Gee
I hope I've learned 100 things, that's only an average of 3 lessons
a year!

1. Children grow up in a flash. You might think you know this
already, but trust me, until your oldest is almost 30, you really
don't get the full impact of it.

2. A perfectly clean house isn't attainable for any family
that spends more than 6 hours in it between the hours
of 8am and 5pm

3 Fighting with your husband about the things he leaves
around the house is not a battle worth fighting or winning.
Conversely, fighting with you about leaving the van seat
too far forward or about the laundry you didn't get finished
is another battle not worth fighting or winning
4. I can't promise to be there your whole life but I can
promise to love you all of mine.
5. You don't really notice one or two extra people at the dinner
table but you do notice the abscence of one or two people
at the dinner table.
6. Blogging in bed on an iPod is convenient, but kind of
hard to control
7. Making a huge breakfast after mass for your family of 8
is very satsfying. When it's down to 6 members, breakfast
of donuts is fine. When your family is now 4 members, poptarts
and coffee seems like enough.

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