Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Christmas List for My Area 2009

I realize that Christmas is long passed and that this blog should have been written months ago. Unfortunately I think I had a good excuse for not writing sooner; I was getting over radiation, the death of one of my favorite childhood aunts, and getting ready for an operation. Add to that holidays, Christmas and the birthday of my son.

So here is my Christmas Wish List for 2009:.....................................................

1. Please hire more police officers. Times are tough, people are getting desperate as demonstrated in the dramatic rise in bank robberies and drunk and aggressive drivers on our roads. I feel safer with a police presence.

2. Please hire more officers for our interstates and parkways. Not only isn't it green and healthy for our planet, it is downright dangerous for drivers that are not as knowledgeable or skilled as NASCAR racers to go flying by at 80 or more miles per hour. And while you're at it, please arrest the drivers that drive right on the rear bumper of the car ahead of them and the drivers that don't allow cars to merge.

3. To the drug dealers in our area, it seems you do a pretty brisk business. Since you are so business savvy, why not start a legitimate business instead this year? Really, look at the business savvy things you have done; started a business on a shoestring budget, attracted and kept enough customers to have a thriving trade. You must have great customer service. But you have to keep looking over your shoulder and watching your back. When is a jealous rival going to betray you? When are you going to end up in prison, for a really long time? Instead, take all your positive abilities and go legit! You might have to start off small, like selling Tupperware or may-be Pampered Chef, but I'm betting you wouldn't stay small. And think of what your success could do for your community!

4. Lower taxes. Seriously. Some of us haven't had a raise in years, others of us have lost our jobs with no new job in the foreseeable future, unless you think you can actually support a house - never mind a household- with a job from MacDonald's? A lot of my neighbors houses are going into foreclosure, making the tax rolls even less. It's time to lower taxes while there are still homes owned by individuals and not banks..

5. Please don't lay off the town workers that collect my trash, plow the snow and generally keep our neighborhoods civilized. Don't expect them to agree to a job furlow. Go to the big guys. Let them be the ones to give back. Really, $10,000 from a man that only makes $50,000 a year (in our area, that isn't much considering prices) is going to hurt a lot more than taking $10,000 away from a man that makes $80,000 a year or more.

Somehow, I don't think it matters that I didn't get my wish list posted in time.

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