Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where does time go?

An old friend who I haven't talked to in years messaged me on Yahoo yesterday and we ended up talking over the phone that night. It was lovely! She is one of those wonderful friends that even if you haven't talked to in years, you can pick right up with as if you'd just spoken yesterday.
One of our topics of conversation was the age old question of "Where does the day go?" Seriously. We both get up at a fairly reasonable time in the morning (of course being up and moving doesn't mean we are actually awake, as any mother can tell you.). We fall into bed at night exhausted. What do we do between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm? I couldn't tell you. I can tell you what doesn't get done, at least completely, any of the jobs on my list. Why? I guess it's because so much of the chores on my list depend not on me, but on circumstances.
  • Will I catch every red light?
  • How many check out lines will be open, compared to the amount of customers?
  • Will the internet be out?
  • Will the meat be thawed?
So when I do have the energy, I try to make an extra meal and put it into the freezer against the day when I'm too tired to be able to cook, which gives my overburdened but not complaining husband a break.
My days are not filled with meetings with the president of anything, commitees, or projects that will save the world. My name will never be famous or on any lists. Every day I do my part, my chores for our home and family, and every night I retire tired, but happy.
So it's time to calm down and not let projects uncompleted on a to-do list take my peace.

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