Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Agony Column

In the US it's called the "Advice Column." I only know that it's called the "Agony Column" in England because Agony was my favorite Brit Com in the 1980's, and was about an Agony Columnist.

Do you like the "Advice Columns?" I do. It's kind of like a soap opera without having to sit there for a half hour and endure commercials at the same time. It's kind of like being the listener at gossip over the back fence or by the water cooler, without looking nosy.

Sometimes, nah, often, I don't agree with the advice that is given. I feel like the columnist just doesn't really understand what is going on. You know what I mean?

Like a column from a couple of months ago. We're going to pretend that I am an advice columnist, and that the person wrote to me for advice.

Let me know what you think at the end.

Dear Old Broad,

I have known my fiancee and his family for the past five years. We met in college and became engaged last year. My fiancee George is very close to his younger brother Bill and really wants him as Best Man at our wedding. Bill is in high school and is very into football. Because George really wants to have his brother in the wedding party and because Bill is really into football, I coordinated the date of my wedding so that it would not fall on a "football" day.

The invitations have been printed and sent, the hall is reserved, the caterers hired. Everything is set for that day, except now Bill isn't coming because some other football game thing is happening. It isn't a scheduled game, I really have no idea what it is or why it is so important for Bill to attend it instead of being best man at our wedding. As a double whammy, George's parents won't be attending our wedding either, they'll be watching Bill play football.

George wants to change the date of our wedding, which means that we'll lose money on renting the hall, same with the caterers, photographer etc and we'll have to contact everyone with the new date. George really wants to have his brother as Best Man, but he will abide by my decision.

My parents are livid, and my friends while trying to be supportive (and having to potentially change their schedules) are rolling their eyes.

The thing is, I want this beautiful fall day to be my wedding day. I want to spend my anniversaries at a Bed and Breakfast in New England picking apples.

But I don't want to start my married life at odds with this family.

I try to remind myself that it is the marriage that is important, not the wedding. But the wedding is important to me too!


Totally confused and starting to hate Football


JP said...

I don't know, but if this gal gives in, it seems to me that she will be playing second fiddle to football for the rest of her life.

And if the hubby-to-be and in-laws can't see the wedding as more important than football, does she really want them?

Mary Bennett said...

Welcome to my blog JP! I agree with you, which you'll see in my next blog post.

BTW, did you remember to enter my earring giveaway contest? All you have to do is become a follower AND scroll down to the Earring Giveaway post, and write a comment. Deadline is Spetember 30th.

Sunny Day said...

I agree that giving in is wrong. If she does, then it sets a precedent that what everyone else wants is more important than what she wants.

Lily said...

I'm with the general concensus, I find the behaviour of the man's family downright rude and completely unacceptable!

Lily said...

I'm with the general concensus, I find the behaviour of the man's family downright rude and completely unacceptable!


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