Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Day that Will Live in Infany

America has had some days that "will live in infamy." Luckily for me, for most of them, I have only known about them through word of mouth and studying history.

Remember the Maine! Only learned of that tragedy through history classes, and I have no idea when the memorial day for that is.

Pearl Harbor. V-J and V-E Day Learned because of history. My parents were both children/older teen during that time, but neither spoke about it.

The assassination of President Kennedy. I was alive, but too young to know anything.

Challenger Disaster - Sadly old enough to have full knowledge. But after the disaster. I heard it on the noon news.

The bombing of the World Trade Center was a whole different event. Perhaps because I saw the whole event practically from the beginning.....

It was a beautiful, September day. Really one of the nicest. The sky was just a gorgeous blue, and today there was no need to have the air conditioner on. All of my children were living at home, and meals were a wonderful family affair.
Breakfast had gone without a hitch, and the younger children were loading the breakfast dishes into the dishwasher, while the older sons were bringing a lumber delivery from outside to downstairs in the basement in case of rain later on in the day. Soon they left to catch the bus to college and the younger children gathered around the table to start their schooling. Everyone was perfectly settled, instructions not only given, but understood when my telephone began to ring. I didn't want to interrupt the flow, so I let the phone go to my answering machine figuring that I would collect messages and return any needed calls at lunch break. The caller was my mother, and she insisted, absolutely insisted, that I put on ABC RIGHT NOW!

I didn't. Things were going so well that it would take more than something on television to make me interrupt it. The phone began ringing again. When the caller was again my mother, I was mightily annoyed. What was with her today? She knew how busy I was!

I answered the phone this time, feeling pretty irritated, when my mom demanded "Have you put on the news?"
"Just put it on, you'll see!!"
I turned the television on, just in time to see what had to be a film clip of one of the new adventure movies.
"You interrupted schooling for me to see a clip from a movie?" now I was really, mightily annoyed at my mom. It had to be a movie. The plane had just flown into a building in New York City.

That's right, even with the evidence right in front of me, I couldn't believe that America was under attack. I was sure it was just Hollywood doing it's thing.

Of course, I did get it eventually and the older boys were still around. I called all of the children in front of the television, and they all saw the second plane hit the second tower.

School that day was over. My son made it to college, which was closed, and he almost didn't make it home, because the buses were all taken off-line. He caught the last one, and I had to drive a town over to pick him up.

A day that will never be forgotten.

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Julie said...

I'm so glad to see this posted, seems so many have forgotten. I too didn't believe at first, then panic set in, we live in town with the b-2 plane and my dad had just retired. I was afraid for days that we would explode or have some bomb dropped on us. I literallly spent a month on my couch watching the news and the stories of those living that hell. I don't know what got me off the couch. No one here seems to care anymore, it's been forgotten, which is oh so very sad.

Mary Bennett said...

I am really so sorry to hear that. It is still in the memories of those of us in the tri-state. Your days after 9-11 sound like a nightmare too.

Thank-you for stopping by, and I hope to see you again really soon!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Thankyou for sharing...I remember thinking the same thing when I had turned on the tv...that it didnt seem possible that it was a live newscast!

It seems like it has not been 9 years, but often seems like it was yesterday... so many changes in our country that will not be like the days before 9/11.

Thankful for all those in service...firefighters, police, medical, military...

Blessings & Aloha!


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