Monday, September 13, 2010

Scary Monday - From The Haunted Bookstore

Taking them to the Haunted Bookstore was a last resort, but ultimately it had worked. The Twins didn't seem to be bored any longer.

"Is it haunted really, or is that just it's name, Aunt Mary?"

"I really don't know Misty. I know it's name is The Haunted Bookstore, and I know it looks like this year round, but, if it is haunted, I don't know."

"There are a lot of black cats around." Misty observed.

"Yes, they lounge all over the place."

"I see a Witches hat." Colby observed. "It's just decoration."

"Maybe not." Aunt Mary replied. "May-be it's just to high for her to wear comfortably inside the shop, so she left it out here."

"That means she might still be in the Shop!" Misty answered with a shivering thrill.

"Oh bro-ther!" Colby said with disdain. "I'm not afraid to go in!" But even with all her bravery, Colby's feet weren't heading toward the Shop all that quickly, and it was actually Aunt Mary who led the way.


Lily said...

What a fun story/memory!! And I love the way you told it
(a fan of your writing style)

klem345 said...

It certainly looks haunted :-) Were there any good books inside?

Lori said...

Great story! And what a fun book shop that looks like.

Mary Bennett said...

This is from the Book Barn on RT 156 in Niantic. If you have never been there, and you are in the area, you have to go! The Book Barn is made up of all little houses and a BIG BARN/House, just filled to the rafters with used books, and in really good condition. And there are a bunch of friendly cats too. All the time they offer coffee and cookies, in the fall, sometimes they have cider.

Lily, thank-you for your comment on my story! :)


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