Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 8th

Today is a very special day for my family and I. It is the day that my Church has set aside to celebrate the birth of the mother of our Savior. It isn't celebrated like the day of the Savior's birth, nor should it be, although it could be argued that without Mary, there would be no Jesus. Think about it. If at any time Mary wasn't careful while carrying the child Jesus in pregnancy ..... Pretty deep thinking, and not what I want to do on a birthday.

Today is beautiful, bright, sunny, not too hot. I'm tempted to bake a birthday cake, but wonder if that is really a good idea any more? When our house was filled with children, a cake slice was pretty thin, and the cake didn't last too long. Now, we must consider blood sugar numbers. I think, we will celebrate today with a good dinner, not one of my every day recipes.

In a short amount of time, we will have the full moon back. I have the moon chart on my blog if anyone would like to take a peek. And if you'd like a moon chart of your own, just click on it, and then follow the easy directions, and you can have one too. You can put it on your FaceBook or My Space account, or your blog if you have one.

Then comes the start of my favorite season, autumn. To temper that though, is the 20th anniversary of my brother Michael's death. Just nine days after that is the Feast Of Saint Michael the Arch Angel, and the flowers known as Michaelmass Daisies usually bloom shortly before or on that day. Seeing them usually cheers me up. Now, I just have to hope that the deer don't use them as a salad bar!

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