Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How to win the neew earrings ...

I've finally decided how I will pick the winner of the new earring from
This contest is open until the end of September, so that is two weeks from now.

1st You must Follow my blog on Google or Blog Frog

2nd You must make a comment on this post. If you follow my blog, but don't make a comment, then you are still not eligible to win.

3rd I will pick the name on September 30th and announce it on this blog, though not on this post. You have until October 7th to e-mail me your address. If you don't, I will pick another winner, and they will have until October 14th.

Just to make sure everything is clear, these are NOT real diamond earrings, they just look like they are. A great BIG thank-you to for supplying the earrings!

Best of luck to everyone! :)


Sunny Day said...

Hey Mary, add me. I already follow you on Google Friends. This sure would make a good birthday present.

Mary Bennett said...

Thanks Sunny! You are the first!! :)

Lily said...

Hi Mary, how are you doing? I'd love to submit my name for the prize!

Lily said...

Do you have any pics? Also, I linked this post to my blog.

Charlene said...

Hi Mary...I'd be thrilled to win some new earrings... :) I'm following your blog through Google.
FYI: I answered your question in the comments on my blog...thanks for stopping by!

Mary Bennett said...

Lily, every time I tried to take the pics, they didn't come out looking as sparkly as they do in real life, so I figured, if the pictures aren't going to do them justice, it's better to be picture-less... until I go to photography school. (Sometime in the distant future!)
Thank-you for putting my contest on your blog Lily!

Charlene, thank-you for entering, and I will be going to your blog to see the answers when I'm finished here. Thank-you for answering. I'm looking at your website.

Best of luck to all three of you! :)

Billy Burgess said...

I'm a new follower. I like your blog.

Anonymous said...

I should digg your post so more people are able to look at it, very useful, I had a hard time finding the results searching on the web, thanks.

- Murk


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