Friday, September 10, 2010

Some Knicker in a Twist Posts

My knickers are in a twist. I admit it. It's just one of those days. Of the children that I have left home, the majority are sick. I had the d#*^l of a time trying to get out of bed, and I'm still tired. My computer is just lagggging as I try to read my e-mail and blog mail.

More things that get my knickers in a twist:

Having to type in CAPTCHA letters to comment on a blog. When your computer is grinding as it tries to change windows, or renew windows, this just adds to the pain. If you are going to review your comments before posting them to your blog, how about removing the CAPTCHA?

More Knicker Twisters, I have CAPTCHA and with the grinding of the computer, I can't find where to remove it, because I do read my comments before posting them. I apologise here to my readers.

What gets your knickers in a twist?


gena said...

Mary, this post reminds me of a Family Guy episode where Peter had a spot on the local news show called "Really Grinds my Gears" !!!!

What gets my knickers in a twist ? Right now its my neighbors ( yes, again ) who are doing work on their house with out any issues from our town and WE were never notified ! Gotta wonder who they're in bed with - literally and figuratively !!!!!!


Sunny Day said...

Mary, go to the "design" part of your blog. Click on "settings", then "comments". In this section, scroll down to where it says "Show word verification for comments?" and click "no". That should do it. You will still have comment moderation.

Midlife Mom said...

Hey thanks for stopping by! Always love to meet new friends!

What gets my knickers in a knot, well let me see, when my computer eats a comment that I just tried to leave on someones post!!! It happened this morning and it was a good one if I do say so myself! ha! Now I have to go back and do it again...grrrrrr

Hollie said...

Hello Mary! Thank you for your visit to my blog, "Life in a Small Town!" I hope you come back soon!

Yes, I did recently change my blog background. It's a background from

Thanks again for your visit!

Moderate Means said...

Oh, I hate CAPTCHA too! I comment much less often on blogs that have it.

(and, can I politely point out that your blog has both comment moderation and CAPTCHA on it ;) )

Toni said...

Hi Mary,
Oatmeal dried in breakfast bowls will twist my knickers. Toilet paper not placed on the role will definitely twist my knickers. But neighbors who let their dogs use our yard as the loo? Now THAT sets my knickers on fire, lol.
Thanks for stopping by. I do believe I'll take a little blog browse while here. ;)

Brandy said...

Sorry to hear that your having a rough day. Never makes for a good Friday! Hope things speed up and that you figure out how to get CAPTCHA off. I agree it's such a pain as I read all my comments to make sure I don't miss any. Have a better Saturday!

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Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

I agree about the captcha annoying.

Just found your blog from Spotlight Saturday. Have a great weekend!

Mary Bennett said...

Thank-you Sunny Day, the Captcha is off!! : D

Mary Bennett said...

Gena, are these the same neighbors that won't let you have a ramp?!!!!

Mary Bennett said...

Midlife Mom, yes, that would do it. Computers are among the things that "push my buttons" or twist my knickers the most!

Mary Bennett said...

LOL!! Stacy! Not any more! CAPTCHA gone!

Mary Bennett said...

Toni, Yes the oatmeal in the bottom of a bowl will do it. How about oatmeal left to dry in a pot? Along the sides and bottom. Grrrrrr! Know what I do? I put a lit bit , like the third of a teaspoon of dishwasher soap (not dishwashing or fairie soap) in the pot with water, set it to boil, then turn it off. Let it cool. Then it cleans quickly.

How about a drain that needs to be cleaned, and no one will do it, cause it's "Too icky" "Eiiiw gross!" but apparently fine for my hands! GRRRRRR!!GRRRRRR!


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